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In about two weeks London will host for the third time the Olympic Games. If you add to this that the Elgin marbles come from Greece too one could consider London to be in love with Classical Greece as no other place outside Greece.

Anyway, I just hope the Olympic Games to be a success. I know that if they are a success we will hear that is was a British success but I am afraid that if they are a failure, people from outside Europe they will see the failure as another sign of the decline of another European nation.

So, with all the bad image that Europe is giving abroad with the never end eurozone debt crisis it would be horrible that also the UK added to the failure.

Unfortunately in Europe we are so used to see the things in an internal way that I wonder how many people inside the eurozone will realise that a Olympic Games failure is also bad for the eurozone as it would add to the bad image of Europe around the world. Between eurosceptics in the UK using a success of the Olympic Games as a weapon against the eurozone or people outside Europe laughing at a failure of the euro and of the games too I prefer the eurosceptics to be the ones to laugh.

A failure of the Olympic Games in London would be a very bad news for eurosceptics in the UK who seem to associate only failure to events happening only at the other side of the English Channel. But it is obvious that in mainland Europe we would not win anything from a failure in London Olympic Games.

Little can THE.CAT to try the Olympic games to be a success. I just can hope them to be a success.

I wish I could be in London for the Olympic Games but unfortunately the prices for rooms seem so expensive that I just will watch the Olympic Games on TV.

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