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July 11th 2012 is a day to remember in Spain. It is the clear start of mutual poorness between the Spaniards.

You cannot imagine how much all the measures of today are going to affect the people in Spain.

Anyone who pays bills like phone, electricity, water bills will see an increase from 18% to 21% of VAT. The world is not going to end for that but I have the feeling as if we were walking backwards!

Civil servants will not be paid Christmas pay. This means that the families with civil servants will spend less in Christmas so the shops won’t sell as before. Even the shops in London will be affected. Less Spaniards will go to London on holidays. Even people in China will notice that because in Spain people will buy lesss Chinese products too.

The people who has the money in troubled banks will be also asked to lose some money in some cases. So, old people who supported their country just buying sovereign Spanish debt may see as they have a lost because Europe asks for loses in order to put money in some Spanish banks.

It is crazy but all that has happened today it is affecting me in some many ways!

It seems that in Spain we will get poorer day by day. As we have problems in selling sovereign debt I understand that we need to reduce expenses but I have the feeling that all this is going to cause a lot of chaos so I am afraid that in the long run we will be even worse. But I must admit that I do not see either other solution. If we don’t get money from abroad it is obvious we have to cut expenses.

I feel in some way as if I was a Greek citizen too.

One of the few things that are good about all this terrible cuts is that make you reaise how important it is to live each moment of your life as if it was the last one. Because I have almost the feeling as if I was a privileged person just for having a computer to write this! I have the feeling that the next computer I buy will be not very good … either.

It is as if Spain was a time machine and we were traveling backwards.

All my life I have seen as my town, my friends, etc each day shine more. I have seen as the streets have improved so much. But now I have the feeling that this is not going to last for long.

So in some years I imagine myself telling about those past times when I used not to have much money but was at least surrounded by people who had money!

In my case I am not happy that we are geting poorer but in fact what worries me is not to become poorer but to lose the dignity.

For now, at least, we have a democracy. To be poor but with a democracy is much better than to be in a dictatorship. And we are at peace.

Maybe it is time to become more spiritual. Maybe all this is a great opportunity to think more about what really matters in life.


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