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Today Spain is again news around the world. The image of the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy will be seen around tv channels worldwide.

Not only is today Spain news around the world, it is also a dramatic day for Spain because at last the government has decided to comply with the “suggestions” coming from Europe: to increase VAT and to cut civil servant wages. As in Catalonia the civil servants already suffered a cut some months ago I wonder what happens in Spain. In Catalonia there were protests but now people seem to be a bit silent. In Spain there are places where the civil servants have a lot of power so I wonder what they will do. Their Christmas wage will be denied it seems.

People from abroad may imagine that we are in a terrible situation here. Well,  I am sure that there is a lot of suffering in some homes in Spain. But when you have almost 25 per cent people without job (the worst in the EU!) this also means that 75 per cent have a job so that the shops and roads are full of these people.

I do not know what will happen in the future in Spain but sometimes I have the feeling that we will have to have 51 per cent of jobless people in order to start changing things with conviction.

Let me end by hoping that Europe does something so that in Spain we have not so many people without a job. Redistribution of the little wealth remaining in Spain is going to be quite hard but I think that Europe should oblige Spain to a redistribution of wealth and jobs. No democratic countries are not allowed in the EU. Countries with so many jobless people should not be allowed either. Europe should oblige Spain to distribute the jobs between the people. It is obvious that the people with a good situation is Spain won’t want that but Europe should make clear to this people that if Spain does not redistribute the jobs market then Europe should not help Spain in anyway.

And about the cuts I imagine I just would see how much money I have and I would act accordingly!



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