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When I think about Greece I imagine a beautiful land with people frustrated, without hope and with enormous cuts in its wages and usual services.

Today I have a very similar feeling for Spain. It is as if we have had a financial tsunami. I understand that cuts must be made but this does not mean that by doing them we are going to improve.

All this is very strange. I always was very happy of Spain being inside the European institutions because in this way I thought Spain was far away from a dictatorship.

Well, the sad answer is that yes we maybe quite far from a Spanish dictatorship  but at the same time we are like slaves of Europe. But I do not blame Europe. We were the ones who chose the euro. The British did not choose the euro. Unhappily they are also having cuts.

It is as if we were having a clash between democracy and the financial world.

Some blame Syrian regime for the atrocities of killing its own population. Some dare to blame Russia and China for supporting the Syrian regime. But is not the US and the EU also responsible of all this? How can we ask Russia and China to go against current Syrian regime  when we don’t even dare to go against Russian and Chinese regime?

If Syrian regime is so so so bad and Russia and China back it then one may consider that Russia and China are alo very very bad. And if the US and the EU do not break relations with this so so so bad big countries then it means that the US and the EU also share the blood in Syria!

I am noty mixing the eurozone problems in Spain with the Syrian trgedy just by chance. I just mix the two news because I think that both are an example of what can happen when there are lack of real ideals. Why are we friends of Russia and China? Because we hope they become mature democracies someday or just because we need them for economic reasons?

I imagine that a lot of people in Spain will protest in the following months. But I do not think that is the solution either. What we need is ideals.


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