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It is quite disappointing what is going on with Catalan TV and Spanish public TV. Some years ago in the Catalan TV we used to have programs for summer. Now we do not have these programs. They just put old series or they just just the content of another channel. And on Spanish TV they are putting old content from last year in a program that has been running for 15 years.

I wonder if this happens also in other countries like the UK. Is the BBC just repeating its old series?

It is quite shocking to have the sense, for the first time in my life, that the next decade or more is going to be worse than the last one.

I even cannot believe that I still can use Internet, have a computer and write this. Will Internet and the computers and the smartphones be also a part of old glorious times? I imagine not. or yes. There have been wealthy people even in the poorer countries on planet. So Spain may become one of them too.

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