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As I am wrtiting this post on July 16th 2012 Spain has not yet intervened Catalonia but I read that the president of Catalonia is afraid that Spain may intervene Catalonia.

If this happens I am afraid that it is very going to be very difficult for anyone in Catalonia to want to be part of Spain anymore.

A lot of the Catalan taxes go to the rest of Spain as solidarity. So with less solidarity Catalonia would not have so much deficit. If you add to this that Catalonia was the first to make cuts it is very unfair that Spain intervenes Catalonia. In fact it would be more logical the opposite!  If Spain intervenes Catalonia it would be as if Spain intervenes Germany. As I said in Catalonia we have had cuts much longer than in the rest of the state because in Catalonia we had a change of government before the elections in Spain. It is true that our deficit is the biggest one in Spain but it is true that we pay much more to the rest of the state that we receive!

Europe should look carefully to what is going on inside Spain and see that the central government is still spending money in high speed trains. I just have heard than in the US are starting to build the high speed train structure. So in Spain we have been the last decades living as the new rich! Even Barack Obama mock this aspect of Spanish high speed extravagance.

In any case if Spain intervenes Catalonia would be total chaos in Catalonia. I, who do not like to protest through the streets usually, I even imagine myself protesting. Besides, if Spain intervenes Catalonia this would make that a lot of people in Catalonia would see independence as the only solution.

Whatever it happens I would prefer Catalonia be ruled directly from Berlin than from Madrid.


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