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When I think about Finland I have two oppose feelings. On the one hand I am happy that they put conditions to Spàin to lend money and on the other hand I am unhappy too!

It seems that Spain and Finland have reached an agreement so that Spain will put money in a Finland account as a warrant. Well, something like that …

I am afraidd that this is not good for Europe because then other countries who will be helping Spain will feel that Spain is giving more safety to the people from Finland.

So, as Finland seems to be one of the few countries that seems to bring mistrust into Spain returning the money back I think I should act accordingly and have mistrust in Finland.

Russian vodka o vodka from Russia? Vodka from Russia.

A trip to Helsinki or to St Petersburg? To St Petersburg.

Well, I am exaggerating but one thing is clear for me. If I must choose between a product made in Germany or Finland I would choose a German product.

In any case, maybe Finland is quite right in asking for warranties. But I imagine I am also right to choose German products instead of Finnish products. Their freedom is my freedom.


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