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“Catalonia will not be ransomed, rescued nor bailed out”

Some weeks ago some American journal or magazine laughed about the Spanish government not using the word bailout for a bailout … They wrote something like YOU SAY TOMATO, WE SAY BAILOUT or something.

So, now on CNN website one can read an article that this time is related to Catalonia. Let me tell anyone that THE.CAT calls bailout to this help from Spain. I have lost my trust to local government. I never thought they would end like the Spanish government: not calling bailout to what it is a bailout.

Let me end by saying that in Castilian and Catalan we translate bailout for rescate or rescat. So, in fact, we use the translation of rescue.

So the translation of RANSOM, RESCUE and BAILOUT is RESCAT in Catalan and RESCATE in Castilian.

the problem now is that the Catalan government is acting like the Spanish government some weeks ago so instead of using the word bailout (rescat in Catalan) the use phrases like financial help, liquidity …

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