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It is quite frightening to realise that a possible future president of the United States of America could be a stupid or an idiot or both.

I wonder how on earth is going Mitt Romney to convince (if he becomes new US president) the European allies to, for example, attack Iran he if he has just acted with disdain against the staunchest ally of the USA in the world: the UNITED KINGDOM.

If this idiot (or should I say stupid) man is so arrogant as to doubt about the capacities of the staunchest ally of the USA I do not want to imagine what he may think about the rest of Europeans: we must be pure shit!

I follow a lot the news about London these last weeks and it is true that what has been said by Mitt Romney could be heard by some British people too. But it is very different that the British are critical of themselves (this is a good thing and makes them better!) that a foreigner puts doubts about the British capabilities. It is pure insult to say what he has said. And what is worse it shows to the world that he is not fit to become the next president of the US.

I wonder what the Americans will do but they can be sure of one thing: for me this man attittude is pure shit. Any American who thinks that Americans are the best and that the rest of the world is pure shit who cannot even organise Olympic Games should vote for that man. It would be perfect for them. But be aware, that you are not going to have just Iran against US. The rest of the world would look at Mitt Romney with despise. Nobody likes a superpower with nuclear bombs to be ruled by a

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...



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