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Tonight, tonight, tonight …
tonight I want to be with you …

Tonight it is the night.

London will be, like in old past ancient centuries, the centre of the planet.

The Olympic Games 2012 will make possible that London is again, for some weeks, news around the world.

I feel sorry for not being in London now but in fact what really matters is not where you are but how you feel where you are.

I have been following news from London radios, etc and I have the impression that the Games can be a success. The only adversities can can come as far as I imagine is chaos in London transport (the tube, for example. Terror threats are also a worry but in the Western countries we are used to be threatened so I hope all security measures can put terrorists at bay.

There is something about London hosting the Games that makes me feel quite sure that the Games won’t be a chaos. Each time I have been in the UK I have realised that everything is very much organised with notes everywhere for everything.

I imagine that tonight the Soho and the central part of London will be so full of people that it will be something quite incredible to see. I remember that on weekends the center of London is very full so I imagine that today it will be even fuller.

I wonder if they will have too large screens in Hyde Park or Trafalgar Square. And what will happen with the OMEGA clock in Trafalgar Square once the Olympic Games start?

Now I remember the Inauguration of the Olympic games in Athens and in Beijing. In Athens the stadium was amazing and in Beijing the set of the drums was a great symbol of the power of the Asian tiger.

But what will the British do in the Stratford Stadium?

I have read that the countryside will be important. It is true that the English country side is amazing but I wonder if this beauty can be brought inside a stadium?

I am happy that the games are taking place outside an eurozone country because in the eurozone we are in no mood for big celebrations or expenses but it is very nice to have the Olympic Games so close. It is nice to have the Games in a city that one knows and one loves. And let’s remind that London is the most populated city of Europe (or at least of the European Union.

In fact London is very suited for a universal event as London itself is a mix of people from around the world.

Let me end by saying that one way to follow the Games is through the BBC. Even BBC TV is possible to be seen outside the UK and even in a smartphone. Incredible but true.

The inauguration start at 9 pm BST so at 10 pm CET. I will continue writing not much about the Olympic games but about London. I leave you here with some links:


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