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I am very angry with the way the things are going on with respect to the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK. I have the feeling as if the ECB was ruled by crazy children!

During weeks the Spanish risk premium has been over the clouds. Yesterday Mario Dragui said that the ECB will be needed to save the euro and the Spanish risk premium made a drop of 50 points!

But this morning the Bundesbank has said something in opposition to Dragui words so now the Spanish risk premium has increased again!

Leaving apart that we can be angry with the Bundesbank or Dragui or not one thing is clear: EUROPE IS ACTING IN A CRAZY WAY!

It is crazy that mario Dragui says one thing and then the Bundesbank says another thing! This brings uncertainty!

So, let the BUNDESBANK AND GERMANY rule Europe as if they were the new invaders of Europe again or let MARIO DRAGUI have the last word and let the BUNDESBANK shut up forever!

One thing is clear for me. Id Spain has to pay more for its debt because the BUNDESBANK is contradicting the president of the ECB then I won’t buy any GERMAN PRODUCT!

If the Bundesbank is going to rule Europe then I want to have a vote and be able to choose the next chancellor of Germany. If I cannot choose the next cancellor of Germany let hten Mario Dragui rule the ECB!

In any case, I am going to write a list of German products I could boycott if the Bundesbank continues interfering with Mario Dragui words.

It is true that in Spain we have been doing things quite wrong but it is also true that german banks had no problem whatsoever to lend us money too. Germany has an interest to rule Spain from Berlin because Spanish banks owe money to German banks so a total bailout of Spain would mean more control of Spain from Berlin.

Volkwagen, Opel are some of the first German brands that come to my mind. It is crazy that I should boycott German products as I have German friends but I cannot accept that the Bundesbank rules the ECB. Mario Dragui is the one to rule it.

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