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Some minutes ago ended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London and before going to bed I just want to tell how I go to bed after watching this ceremony!

Well, I am extremely happy with the ceremony. The British have been very wise and in this ceremony they had shown to the world what makes them so wonderful.

The music has been of course one of the most wonderful things! With even Jude with Paul McCartney at the end!

To be sincere I was full of envy as the ceremony was unfolding! British worldwide Hit after British worldwide hit was part of the ceremony!

And from time to time you could see very known people as lovely Mr Bean!

Watching the ceremony one had to admit that we were no watching just another opening ceremony! Very very very very very few countries could have given a ceremony with so much content from the own country and at the same time to feel familiar to people from other countries!

In fact I had the feeling as if the ceremony was a summary of part of my life and of the history of the world! I only have doubts about the song of Saturday Night Fever. I think it is from the Bee Gees and I do not know if it has something related to Britain. But all the rest of the songs I also love them. They reminded me of when I was younger!

One of the most incredible parts included in the ceremony and that I think that I will never forget ever EVER is the blending film when the queen jumps off the helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ceremony reminded me of the musicals at the West End of London. Rowan Atkinson presence was also very nice because its humour unites people from around the world! He is incredible!

The beds with children and the white white white incredibly shining blankets were also amazing. The white butterflies were pure dreaming.

But to summarize maybe the best of the ceremony was for me the sense of a great civilisation behind the ceremony.

It is funny because I love the English language very much but I must admit that the words in French in the Olympic Stadium sounded to me incredibly good. In fact one of my favourite series is Alo Alo! where they speak English with French accent!

David Beckham with his smile in the boat and the lights surrounding the boat, well, that was amazing too.

I have felt a lot of emotion when I have seen the words NHS inside the Olympic Stadium! In Catalonia and Spain we also have universal health for everybody but I cannot imagine putting its name inside an opening ceremony! I have felt at that moment a very big respect for the people of these beautiful islands.

I have to go to sleep … but let me end by saying that this has been a very nice ceremony.  It is obvious that the British are very wise and know how to sell their products to the world and tonight they have shown that they have a lot to sell. Even if that is a bit of the last century. Like me.

Congratulations so to the ones behind the cerimony! The best: the music and the Queen jumping!

Tonight I go to sleep very happy of having  London at only two hours by plane. I must admit that this ceremony has not made that I fall now in love with London as it is a long time since I have been seduced by Judes, Roppers and the sounds of the English language …



  1. Mark ⋅

    Very nice review. Sounds like you have a very good head on your shoulders. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts..


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