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Never in my life I had followed the Olympic Games as these days. As I like London I love to follow the games in order to see some hint of London skies … London streets, London skyline …

Saturday July 28th
This was fantastic as there was the male road cycling! In I could see a map and through a tv I could see Hampton Court and also as the cyclists pass through Richmond Park. And obviously Buckingham Palace.

Sunday July 29th
In the morning I saw Hockey. The event took place in the Olympic Park and at a time a could see a swimming pool nearby and also the Olympic Stadium. I saw two some of the tall buildings in Stratford. RIVER BANK ARENA would be the name where hockey was taking place. The A12 is not very far so I imagine that the tall buildings are the ones one can see when coming to London by bus from Stansted Airport.

One of the surprises was to see that Volleyball Beach was taking place in the center of London. You could see the London Eye and sometimes the Big Ben or Saint James Park and I think too the Hilton Hotel next to Hyde Park. The Place is called HORSE GUARDS PARADE and I know it a bit because when you go from Trafalgar Square to Westminster you pass through an entrance. So we are having volleyball next to David Cameron’s 10 Downing street! There is too a building with two greet roofs. I imagine it is an official building.

On Tv I could see judo from NORTH GREENWICH ARENA. EXCEL is mentioned. An indoor event. Yesterday there were too rotations in an indoor place. I wonder where is the swimming pool where Phelps can be seen. I imagine it is the AQUATICS CENTER. It is a building with an amazing roof. The architect behind is ZADA. This building is near the Olympic Stadium. THE ORBIT is the controversial red structure near the Olympic Stadium.

I see the following sports to take place in the Olympics:
August 7th 2012

These last days I have seen that some of the walk, marathon ot bycicle on road had one thing in common: the streets next to Buckingham Palace. The streets going from Hyde Park to more or less Trafalgar Square and passing near the gates of Buchingham Palace have appeared very oft. The square with the sculpture of Quuen Victoria looking towards Trafalgar Square has appeared very oft. So anyone who has been there to see the change of the Royal Guard will recognise that square.

About the Olympic Stadium I have discovered through photos that the flame is in the south of the stadium. The medals are given in the Western side of the stadium. And the 100 meters were started in the north west side of the stadium. The Orbit, outside the stadium, is at the east side. It is that strange red structure. The strange white roof not so far is the Aquatics Center.
Sometimes we have views of the stadium with a green background. If you see the Orbit, the stadium and at the end some green maybe you are seeing the Victoria Park. It is years I want to visit that big park.

The other day I watched on Tv the Royal Artillery Barracks. They are in Woolwich. South of the Thames and in some way south of Lea Valley. The Olympic Park is a part of the Lea Valley.

Friday, August 10th 2012

These last days Hyde Park has appeared on Tv quite oft. I saw it as I watched the men’s triathlon with BROWNLEE GOMEZ BROWNLEE as the three winners.
I watched a video about the triathlon and it connected it to the masons.
Yesterday the Serpentine was the place for a women’s 10 km final. You could see a skycraper. Knightsbridge Barracks?

Today I see the Men’s Kayak Single in ETON DORNEY. It seems it is near Windsor Castle or at least in that part of the country.
I see it s having two long parts being the wider part the one now in use. In a map I see it is near the M4. From London you will pass near Heathrow and then about 15 or 20 miles away one will be near Eton Dorney.

AUGUST 11TH 2012

I still have to look where WEYMOUTH PORTLAND is but maybe it is in the English Channel.
Now I am watching a mountain Bike final. It takes place in Essex, in HADLEIGH FARM:

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