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I am sorry that these last days I have not written any post let alone posts about the Olympic Games in London.
In fact the Olympic Games have taken some of my time.
It is incredible how smoothly the games are taking place. I hope they end in such a peaceful atmosphere as these last days.

It is amazing the change that Internet has made to the Games. With websites and apps it has been so easy to follow the games.

Never in my life I had followed the Olympic Games in this way.

I watched the women’s Marathon some days ago. It was quite nice and you could see some of London landscapes. Nonetheless I am intrigued why did they not choose a Marathon that connected the zone of Buckingham Place (or Big Ben, etc) with the Olympic Stadium at Strattford. By the way, each day I like more the Stadium.

It is fascinating to follow the Games because you can see too how people from different nations react to the camera and to the public! Athletes from some countries remain very serious and do not smile while others smile a lot. I have realised that it is not just a personal choice! I like the athletes who smile and have even some fun in front of the camera but I imagine I like that just because in Barcelona people use to smile and be nice in front of a camera. But maybe for people from other countries these smiles maybe it is some kind of frivolity. I do not know. I am very intrigued about all this. Besides the medals the Olympic Games seem to me the perfect venue to see how beautiful and nice can the human race be. And how full of different ways of behaving.

Let me end by remembering Usian Bolt when he heard the USA anthom and he cut an interview to listen to the anthom. Or the tears of the athlete Sánchez and the applause of the stadium.

Congratulations to ALL the people behind the Games in London. They heve been very splendid so far. I have realised that even in the streets of Catalonia there are more people jogging through the streets … or is it me that I pay more attention? One when sees these atheless running so fastor being so fit one wonder if it would not be nice not just being a superstar athlete but just somebody how care a little more about making a bit of healthy exercise. It is obvious that to run like Usain Bolt is, curently, out of hand for the rest but it is quite handy to walk a little more each day. That’s the less I want to do after watching these amazing games coming from the amazing London.

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