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There have been so amazing songs through the opening and closing ceremony during the Olympic Games in London 2012 that maybe some have not realized that there was missing just one of the most iconic singers: ELTON JOHN.

The Olympic Games in London have united a lot of people so that the most famous singers could be seen in the Olympic Stadium. or at least some of the best. But no song of Elton John. Not presence of Elton John.

Maybe Elton John is to the United Kingdom what the United Kingdom is to the European Union: The one not to act like the others.

So, I have the feeling that Elton John by not participating in the games he has shown to be British in extreme!:

The Eccentric among the eccentrics! One island inside an island. The opt-out of the opt-out.

In the following link you can read about possible reasons why Elton John was not in the ceremony with Muse:


  1. Deborah ⋅

    It was confusing and a great loss that Elton John did not perform in person at London Olympics.

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