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I wonder if you can buy an iPhone in Teheran but in any case as Apple is an American company maybe one should be afraid that Apple could be spying for the US.
And what about Google. Have you never had the feeling that maybe the US army is taking advantage of Google to spy on all of us?

Anyway, I am saying that because now I have read that Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE seem to pose a security threat to the US.

I have not enough knowledge to see that as total non sense or an example of paranoia but I have the feeling that if the US is so worried about other countries using its firms to spy on the US maybe the US is doing the same.

In fact the iPhones are made in China. So, can we be sure about the iPhones not been used to spy on us.

Huawei and ZTE are very successful Chinese companies. The US report puts a doubt about them. By doing that the US is putting doubts on their products.

Because one can think that if the US says so myabe there is a bit of truth.

But maybe it is just the US being afraid of the success of China?

I do not know how this is going to end but things have to be proved and if this is not the case I hope Huawei and ZTE sue the US government. Because now anyone who wants to buy a mobile worldwide can find very affordable Huawei and ZTE phones. And with the US warning one may think twice about buying them.

I do not know if Huawei and ZTE are spying on the US or on all of us. The only thing I know is that you get quite good products at an incredible price.

Should we be afraid of using a Huawei modem? Is Huawei and ZTE sending information of us back to Chinese government?

Who controls that the US is not the one making all this up?

I am afraid that behind the American scrutiny of these Chinese companies there is a clear message: DO NOT TRUST CHINESE PRODUCTS. THEY ARE MADE IN A DICTATORSHIP THAN CAN USE THEM AGAINST US.

Should we act in the same way and be afraid of MICROSOFT, GOOGLE and APPLE?


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