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As far as I know Germany and Greece are not a war. So it should not be so surprising that the chancellor of Germany goes to Athens.

And today Angela Merkel will go to Greece.

It seems that she will be receive with protests.

First of all, let me say that in a democratic society people can express their views so if some people in Greece do not llike her visit is up to them to protest.

But it is also my freedom to say that I find quite unfair to receive in a hostile way Angela Merkel. I will tell why.

During these last months Spain has been in the mouth of different politicians around the world to put Spain as an example of what they do not want for their countries. I am thinking about Sarkozy in France and Romney in the US. In contrast, some days ago I saw as Angela Merkel was talking to some young German students about how hard is for young Spaniards to succeed having Spain such an amount of jobless people. Angela Merkel was not insulting Spain but showing sympathy!

What I mean is that I think that we should be very proud of this woman. WE COULD HAVE QUITE ANOTHER KIND OF EUROPE WITHOUT HER.

It is true that Germany is currently asking austerity to Europe but let’s remind that during decades Germany has been pouring money into Europe!!

Greece is still in the euro. Why? Because Angela Merkel wants a United Europe!

I think Greek people should be very careful about protests again Angela Merkel because people in Germany may arrive at the conclusion that they have to bailout other countries and what they receive in return is just hostility.

I do not know exactly how the things happened in Greece but one thing I am sure of: The problems we have in Catalonia and Spain were our problems. Europe is asking now austerity. Angela Merkel is asking us austerity? If we do not like that, we just leave the eurozone. So Angela Merkel is not forcing us to anything. We are forcing us to continue in the euro. And Angela merkel is just giving seriosity to the euro project by asking austerity.

I think it is childish to see Germany as the responsible of the problems in Greece. The Greeks were the ones who choose to enter the euro! And if you want to use a strong currency you must abide.

Let me end that all these people who would love Greece to be outside the eurozone will love to see a lot of protests against Angela Merkel. That will be a perfect excuse to want Greece out of the euro. It is just because I also would like to use the same currency that the Greeks do – the euro – that I think protests against Angela merkel are a big mistake.

In any case, anyone is free to do what they think better. Maybe I am wrong.


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