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I have heard that when there is a war the first casualty is the truth. Recent events are telling me too that when there is a conflict the first casualty is too the truth.

Some years ago I watched a film where there was a Russian related kind of princess living in a kind of palace in Paris. She had left Russian as it had become a Socialist Republic and kings, queens and princes and princess had no place in the new state. I remember this glamorous woman because she mentioned she had no nationality. She was in a kind of limbo. The Soviet Union had not given her nationality nor France. But she had a lot of money so she was living in a glamorous way in the capital of France.

Now in Europe we have built a European Union and some countries even have accepted having a common currency. But we still hold passports from the different countries.

As far as I remember in Catalonia I have always felt that there is a conflict between what people feel. And there is a conflict that also happens in Spain. There is not understanding, there is not agreement.

These last weeks we have again reached a climax. In factt he climax has been so strong that I am thinking more about these climax than about the bailout os Spain or the crisis or the future of the eurozone.

I have the feeling to live inside a war where the weapons are the words and the TV channels are just the places used to stage this war of words.

The streets of Catalonia are now decorated with the independent flag in a way that I have never seen in my life.

Each day I wonder what will happen next.

But not all is bad. All this conflict has the advantage that make you discover yourself and even see your contradictions.

I am so full of contradictions that at some hours of the day some politicians seems to me very good and the next hour I feel quite worried about what they do.

I feel as inside of a quarrel. While in other places like in the UK the government of London and Scotland have reached an agreement in Catalonia and Spain we have not reached an agreement.

It is quite sad to listen to both parts of the conflict sometimes. Despise seems the only thing that share them in common.

So now in Catalonia there must be people that must be very happy because of the new turn that events are taking place. And of course, another part is quite worried.

As the conflict deepens each time it is going to be more difficult to try to be neutral. A neutral person would be suspicious for both parts of the conflict.

All I can say is that I know people with very different views about the future of Catalonia.

Fortunately the Castilian and the Catalan language are not owned by the Spanish or Catalan government so whatever it happens in this part of the world I will also love these two dialects of the Latin language. As I love the English language too. And my Freedom.


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