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close to el Perelló, Catalonia, Spain

close to el Perelló, Catalonia, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of people may know that Spain is currently in quite a hard time and that is needing and is going to need a bank bailout and maybe even a complete bailout.

In this post I am not talking about this very necessary help but to another knind of help that is also much needed!

In Spain and Catalonia now we have a very big  problem. We are in a kind of quarrel! In Catalonia a lot of people want to have a referendum to decide whether to remian inside Spain or not. On the other hand Spain does not want to grant Catalonia this referendum. This is just the problem we have.

You may think that is crazy that being in such a bad economical situation we can even afford to have other problems but normally problems add to each other so no wonder everything is quite worrying in this part of Europe.

Until now although the situation is not good I have the feeling the situation is neither bad as it has not deteriorated. But it could deteriorate.

I ask the people in Europe who like Catalonia and Spain that try to help us to understand each other. I ask the people in Europe to bring calm between us.

I have the feeling to live in a war made of words. The streets of Catalonia have a lot of flags calling for independence. This would not be a big problem if Spain and Catalonia had reached a kind of agreement in something!

I feel really very uncomfortable with this situation! What should I do? Become part of the ones wanting independence? Become one supporting Catalonia inside Spain? Could I be neutral?

It seems that in Scotland there are going to decide their future in some months but there is an agreement between London and Edimburgh! The problem here is that Barcelona and Madrid both know how to play football because they follow international rules of football. But Barcelona and Madrid cannot play politics now if they do not agree with the rules.

Europe is still on time to help both parts because until now nothing very terrible has happened. But I am afraid that the situation could deteriorate!

People who may read this article in Europe or even far away may like a united Spain or maybe they would like an independent Catalonia but maybe for them is better to help us than we ourselves!

Madrid and Barcelona even if now in such a conflict of interests they have a thing in common: they both are part of Europe and see their future in Europe. So I think that Europe may help someway.

Please realize that I am not asking support for those who want independence in Catalonia or those who want a united Spain. I am just asking that Europe obliges Madrid and Barcelona to agree in how to solve the conflict! In Barcelona it is obvious that we are not going to do just what Madrid tell us as Madrid is not the center of the Universe and it is obvious too that Madrid will do all it can to retain Catalonia inside Spain as Spain would suffer a lot without the wealthy part of Catalonia.

Please bring clam to this part of Europe. Unfortunately we cannot calm down ourselves the conflict but just the opposite!

The more you wait to help Spain and Catalonia to behave as good partners or whatever good  inside the European project the more deterioration that could come to this part of the European Union.

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