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I wonder if it is legal that a member of the European Union threatens people to be left out of Europe. Can a member of the current Europena Union talk that way. Should the other members of the European Union allow this kind of talk?

I think that some countries in the European Union should tell Mariano Rajoy, the current presiden tof Spain, that he is not one to threaten people to be out of the European Union.

In fact maybe the European Union could do one thing: Tell Spain that in case of seccession of Catalonia if there is no agrreement bewtween both parts Spàin could be out the European Union.

Yesterday the UE was given the Nobel peace price. Is it right that Spain as a member of this EU is threatening people to be push outside Europe. Is this in agreement with European principles?

I think it is time that Europe tells Spain that cannot threaten people to be left outside the European Union.

Spain will now receive a lot of money from Europe. So someday Spain and also Catalonia will have to return it. How can Spain dare to tell that Catalonia could be out of Europe then? This would not be good to return the money to Europe.

I am fed up that in Catalonia we have been paying during decades to Spain in solidarity and now Spain threatens us to be put out of Europe. How can a country that is now in such a weak position evne dare to say these words?

I think Spain should be more careful because maybe by threatening so much to the Catalan people it may end put out of Europe. But not by the Catalans of course, but by the rest of partners in Europe.


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