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Let’s imagine that Catalan people can do something so simple as to decide their future. And let’s imagine they choose to become another state of Europe.

Then, which countries would support the independence of Catalonia?

That is my guest:

Inside the European Union they will try to be in good term with Spain and Catalonia as both will have quite soon a lot of money to return to Europe!

Inside the Arab world maybe the independence of Catalonia could be seen with good eyes as it seems that Catalonia would then be with France and Belgium the country  in this part of Europe with most Muslim population.

The US, a very old democracy, had no problem in supporting the government of dictator Franco so I have no idea what may happen. I have seen webpages on the Internet that are trying to put fear that an independent Catalonia could become an Islamic Republic so that maybe a US ruled by the Republicans could be not friendly to an independent Catalonia? So it depends how the US related to the Muslim world that it supports or not Catalan independence? If that was the case that would be quite weird because the formation of Spain is quite related to the fight some centuries ago between Christians and Muslims. The fight against the Muslim made that different kingdoms of Spain united to fight them. So could the Muslim have today also a say in what happens with Catalonia? Could the past repeat itself?

Well, about Russia and China I do not care after seeing in which side they are in the Syrian conflict.


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