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I wonder what will happen in Catalonia would become independent. I imagine that people living in Catalonia would become Catalonians with a Catalan passport. So the people in Catalonia who only feel Catalan would have their passport and people from Muslim countries, for example, would have two passports. But what would happen with people who live in Catalonia and are related to what become Spain without Catalonia? Would they get two passports?

I imagine this must be done by an agreement between the Spain and Catalonia of the future. I wonder what happens in Scotland. A person who has been born in London but lives in Scotland how many passports would have if Scotland becomes independent?

Those people in Catalonia who hate Spain it is obvious that do not care about this but I would like to have both passports! Because I do not want to feel as a foreigner when I am in Catalonia or Spain.

It is a pity that Catalonia and Spain are at odds currently because this kind of practical issues should be on the agenda. But for now the only think in the agenda is we will do that and we won’t let you do that.

According to some Catalan media and also some people from Madrid and even the CNN if Catalonia becomes independent the economy of Spain would suffer a lot. So if Catalonia become independent would I feel comfortable living in Catalonia while I see the situation in Spain deteriorating?

I do not know what may happen but I am sure that since September 11th 2012 Spain and Catalonia will never be the same again.

According to Catalan tv it seems that in Madrid are deaf and they do not listen to Barcelona. In Madrid it is Barcelona the one to blame. I am so fed up of all this. It seems that Spain and Catalonia will need economical assistance and even political assistance.


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