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Some people in the European Union see the conflict between Spain and Catalonia just as an internal Spanish conflict and they do not realise that it is just the existence of the European Union that makes this conflict possible!

The reason why people in Catalonia dare to dream of an independent state is just because outside Spain there is the European Union.

Some centuries ago an independent Catalonia would have meant to fall in the hands of France! Now it is possible to have an independent Catalonia because we all know that if Catalonia leaves Spain, France is not going to invade Catalonia.

My point is that the reason why we see now so much nationalism in Europe is because people realise that Brussels is going to have each day more power so as they see that the least they want is to be dependent of too many places.

So some people in Catalonia may think that it is crazy to depend from Barcelona, from Madrid and from Brussels. It does not seem so crazy just to depend just from Barcelona and Brussels only.

I say that because I feel it is a very big mistake to conside the independence of Scotland, of Catalonia, etc just as internal affairs of the UK or Spain.

It is the importance of the European Union that makes that the independence of these lands can be considered reasonable for so many people in some lands.

So Europe should give an answer to this new developments!

It seems that one of the reasons why Catalonia wants to leave Spain is because during decades we are sending and sending money to Spain. And now we are too suffering the crisis. So it seems that out of Spain we will have just to give money to Europe. But what does it mean? That Spain would become poorer, or that the Germans would pay what the Catalans do not want to pay to their neighbours?

Europe should help Spain and Catalonia to try to find a reasonable solution.

If the European Union just had had a law saying that no part of a state should give so much money that it won’t even have for its own necessities maybe now the situation between Spain and Catalonia won’t be so bad. Now is Spain the one taking the money from Catalonia. If it was Europe the one taking the money we won’t be so angry. I even heard somebody on Catalan tv who favoured Catalan independence the future for Catalonia would be very good because Catalonia would be a net contributor of maney to the european Union! So it seems we are very unhappy because we give money to Spain but we would be extremely happy to be net contributors to Europe …

The existence of Catalonia and Spain is quite related to Europe. Some centuries ago the Muslim world from what is now Morocco entered the Iberian peninsula. So people in the north of the peninsula fought during centuries and finally the peninsula became Christian land. Catalonia was born at that time and then there were marriages with others and all was well more or less until in 1714 it seems that the rights of Catalonia was banned by a Borbon king (the current king is also a Borbon king …)

Some centuries ago differents kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula united against the Muslims that had taken the peninsula. Now we have no more religious wars or at least that is what we are told so now a part of that union, Catalonia, wants to become free again. But in Madrid they do not want as I said.

Europe should solve this. And soon. Because the longer it takes to find a solution the more time we lose here for this instead of other things.

I find this situation unbearable because as madrid and Barcelona do not agree in how to solve the conflict you have to watch each day the news to know what is going on!

It is awful to watch tv or read the newspapers. A war of words is on course.

Any person living in Berlin knows that in five years Berlin people will continue been part of the same state. And the same happens in London, Paris, etc. In Scotland they do not know but as there is an agreement at least they can relax.

But in Catalonia we do not know! What will Spain do to stop Catalonians to decide in a free way to decide their future?



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