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These days as I watch the news related to the current conflict between Catalonia and Spain sometimes I have doubts about who is bringing Catalonia closer to a new era: the nationalists in Barcelona or the nationalists in Madrid.

It is incredible how Spain is losing an incredible opportunity to bring Catalonia once a for all to not just be in Spain but to want to be in Spain anb by so creating a stronger Spain.

If I was in Madrid and I wanted Catalonia really to be part of Spain without any worry I would do the opposite of what now we see from Madrid!

I would play with Barcelona not as Barcelona may expect but just the opposite. For the people in Catalonia who wants independence it is fabulous that the ugly work is made from Madrid!

So if Spain wants Catalonia to remain in Spain and without periodical hesitations I will do the following:

I will susprise the Catalans with what they would not expect at all! I will say yes to what they ask! They want a referendum? Well, I will say of course yes! IN brief, I will act in a way that the Catalan people will not understand anything! They would be so surprised , so much, that they evne would have the feeling that maybe Spain is in fact wanting Catalonia out of Spain and I think that Catalan people see that Spain does not care about Catalonia I am sure that some people in Catalonia would want to remain in Spain just to do the opposite of what they may think people in Madrid want!

So Spain should do the opposite of what is doing! Stop talking about not letting a referendum take place, etc. Just do the opposite. Spain should do all it can and more so that it seems almost as if Spain wanted to get rid of Catalonia.

So Spain should give a lot of facilities so that Catalonia can at last not be a problem for Spain. Furthermore at the same time that Spain shows a lot of help to the referendum it should also be friendly with a future Catalan state and say that even in the case of an independent Catalonia FC Barcelona could play La Liga just by paying the money that Spain thought to be appropiate. Spain should also say that in the case of an independent Catalonia Spain could also help helping Catalonia to have an army just helping Catalonia at a given price. Catalonia could always choose the French army to help build a new army. Spain could also give help to Catalonia and tell that in the case of an independent Catalonia then Spain would offer Spanish embasises for Catalan affairs while Catalonia tried to build its embassies in hundreds of Countries. Spain just would get paid for that in an appopiate way.

And in relation with the European Union I think that Spain should show itself as the best country in Europe and say that it would be the first to want Catalonia inside the European Union so that it could get moeny also from Catalonia. Not directly as now but via Brussels.

So in brief I advise people in Madrid to act in a wise way and be the first to want a referendum for Catalonia. The more the Catalan feel that Spain wants them out of Spain the more they would want to remain.

Who knows, maybe even for those in Madrid who worry so much about the Castilian language in Catalonia, an independent Catalonia would be perfect to open Spanish private schools in Catalonia like we have now French and German ones.

Spain could even let an independent Catalonia even get some Spanish channels just paying an appropiate quantity of money. And if Catalonia did not wantes that as it would open its own channels in Castilian, Spain could always sell some Spanish series to these channels.

If politicians in Madrid followed some of these advice I am a bit certain that not only Catalonia would remain in Spain: it would remain in Spain quite happily.

Do not see people in Madrid that a referendum is not only a threat to the current Spain: it is also a unique opportunity that Catalonia once and for all becomes part of Spain in a solid way. It is a risky game but Spain could also win from a referendum. If the independence movement loses the referendum it would mean that Catalonia would be more Spanish than ever!

Madrid is a wonderful city and is surrounded by nice lands and villages. If Catalan people do not want to be part of these lands is their problem! Be proud of what you are! If you put problems to a referendum it gives the impression you are nothing without Catalonia! Why do you think London lets the Scottish decide their future? Because it is a way to be proud to be British!

Spanish people should be proud of being Spanish. And if someone does not want to be part of Spain it is their decision! You do not have to act as the bad guy threatening with the constitution and so on! By doing that it seems as if Spain was so worthless that can only support itself by forcing the Catalans people to remain in Spain. Spanish people should answer to Catalonia in the same way that Catalonia acts with Spain: Catalonia does not want to be part of Spain? Then we do not care about you. Let you have a referendum so that Spain can get rid of Catalonia as soon as possible!

And believeme, if you act like this it is quite possible that Catalonia remains inside Spain just to do the opposite of what you would pretend to want. And Spain would be much more respected in Europe.

If you continue like now it seems as if Spain was the bad guy and Catalonia is the poor victim. Come on, you are more people, show to the Catalan people who do not like Spain that you do not want them either!


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