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As you may know some of my countrymen in Catalonia have the dream of a new European state. Unfortunately Spain is giving fuel to their desires because the more Spain does not allow a referendum as any democratic and civilised country would do, the more that people in Catalonia want independence. Nobody likes to be part of a forced marriage and let alone if you are the one paying the wedding for eternity.

That said, I feel that what we need is not more states but less states! A Europe full of little independent states could become a nightmare as agreement between so much is going to be quite difficult. Besides if we hava a lot of new states I wonder if it is fair that countries with little population can have so much power as countries with much more weight.

I understand that a lot of people in Catalonia want independence because Catalan public tv just shows how awful is Spain for us. If we were an independent state we would be so wealthy! I may say that sometimes I even feel a bit shame of some of the things that I hear from Catalan politicians. In fact I find a bit of bad taste that you choose the worst moment of Spain to want independence. I imagine this is a kind of historical revenge.

I find a bit funny that some of the people in Catalonia who want independence talk a lot about Europe but they forget to see that Spain is also Europe. And if you do not want to support Spain in such a time I wonder what Europe can expect of nations like Catalonia. How can we build a strong Europe when we are not able to be in good term with our neighbouring lands!

If Catalonia becomes independent it would mean that there would be borders between people speaking the same language. Catalonia is surrounded by lands who speak the same language and that in some parts they call valencià. What I mean is that I find a new state means one more border. I would find better for Europe that, for example, France and Germany become closer or that Portugal and Spain become closer.

Unfortunately because Spain does not even let us decide our future to the Catalan people people in Catalonia have a very strong point in wanting independence. This is a pity because if Spain acted like the UK then in Catalonia one could speak of Spain without a kind of shame.

Europe must tackle the rebirth of nationalism in Europe. There is the danger that the European Union is creating its own end.

There should be a European law that says how much one territory should pay for the rest so that Catalonia payer should pay the same whether Catalonia is independent or not. While this does not happen is very normal that the independence movement is each day greater as it seems that once you are independent you do not pay so much as solidarity!

Another thing that worries me a lot is that while we have the European Union it is not such a problem to have Europe divided in a lot of little states but if Europe collapses then a Europe with so many little countries could be a nightmare.

I find quite worrying that people support Europe so much and at the same time do not want to help people from not so far away.

If Catalonia and Spain became two different states would not be such a tragedy is the European Union serves as a bridge so that we have the same currency, etc. But what would happen if the UE falls apart? That would mean that Europe at the end has more borders than before the birth of the European Union.

In the followng months we are going to see the birth of some new state in Europe I think. I must admit that a rebirth of La Sereníssima seems to me quite romantic. Venice as the capital of a new Republic seems quite suggesting but I would only like that if this new republic does not make poorer the rest of what now is Italy.

We must act quickly! I don’t have no problem with an independent Catalonia but if this happens I would feel force to help Spain if I see that an independent Catalonia means a poorer Spain. I don’t like the feeling of independence to leave the poorer parts of Europe to its own devices. But as Spain seems to force us Catalan people to be married to Spain for eternity I must admit that I understnad pretty well people in Catalonia wanting independence. I am quite saddened by Madrid and Barcelona.

I am quite sad with politicians in Spain in Catalonia. Politicians in Madrid do not seem to realize that they seem bad people if they pretend Catalonia to be part of Spain just by stopping us to vote! On the other hand I have the feeling that Catalonia is acting a bit with a bit of bad taste. Just in the worst time for Spain Catalonia wants to leave Spain. But I imagine this is always what happens.

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