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European Union

European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days in Catalonia we think a lot about the European Union. As there is a conflict bewteen Catalan governemt and Spanish government Europe is seen as a way to solve the conflict. So in Spain they would be happy that Europe closes its doors to an independent Catalonia while in Catalonia we want Europe to back our right to vote our future that Spain does not want (I feel like in a forced marriage!)

Well, these last weeks I have realised that the public Catalan tv channels is very much biased in favour of independence. I do not have nothing against independence but I have the feeling as if TV3 was being used to promote independence.

So TV3 and its impartiality may not seem very important for Europe as a whole but maybe the impartiality of a small channel in one part of Europe can change the fate of the whole continent!

The main point that TV3 is sending to its audience is that Catalonia is paying a lot to Spain and that must end because now we also have cuts in Catalonia. I do not see anything wrong with pointing out this but I am afraid that people watching TV3 may receive the information as some would like to. And I can assure you that watching TV3 it is difficult not to want independence! In each news any news that is against Spanish government is siad day after day. So the image given in TV3 of Spain is quite ugly and my fear is that this is done on purpose. As the situation of Spain is so bad it is not so difficult to do that but I am afraid the bad news are chosen on purpose for political reasons. Some days ago a Catalan tv channel was closed they almost did not mention it! It was full of British series! So now in TV3 we can see as the president of Catalonia praises so much Britain to allow a referendum in Scotland but at the same time now we have more sport (sport in Catalonia means politics of course) and less British series to learn English: Little Britain, Shameless. Psychoville.

So as a citizen of the European Union I think that EU should care about the standards of television around the union! It is a shame that one public tv channel in Europe is being so impartial. If Europe thinks this is an internal affair I think this may be a mistake. Becasue thanks to the manipulation of a tv channel you can make a change in the votes in a parliament. And with this parliament you can change one state and it can break. And once Spain breaks it may follow Italy with the Venetian Republic, etc.

I am not saying that the EU should watch tc channels so that Europe breaks up in parts or not but at least if it does not care about a fragmentation of the continent it should care about how to work a Europe with much more little states than now! That is not internal affairs of a country. It is the next challenge of Europe!


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    I’m not agre whit you.

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