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I do not understand … I see that some Catalan politicians love to speak about an independent Catalonia inside the European Union and it seems as when they talk about Europe they only think about the wealthy part of Europe.

These days a lot is said in Catalonia against Spain. Spain means crisis, Spain means poverty and so on. So the idea is to leave such a state in disgrace and just become another new state in Europe! Once Catalonia is independent we would be a wealthy state in the European Union and so on and so forth!

Reading this I must confess that it seems as if the indepence of Catalonia was really a wonderful thing: to leave a state that is in crisis and disgrace as Spain and to become an independent state with a GDP quite good for Europena standards.

But I have these questions related to this wonderful world of an independent Catalonia:

A: Once Catalonia was independent as Catalonia would be part of the European Union would not be Catalonia have to have solidarity with Spain too?

B: Once Catalonia was ndependent as Catalonia would be part of the UE and would be a wealthy part could itnot happen that a lot of people from Spain could come to Catalonia and at the end we would be totally independent of Spain but in some way a kind of new Spain?

I wonder what may happen but I think that if Europe is going to be made of little states ten the weight of states in the European Union should be quite less and each state should have a weight according to its population!

I also wonder how can we maintain the euro if Germany is asked to help the south of Europe with money to bailout when parts of the south do not want solidarity among them? How can Spain ask a bailout to Europe when one curren tpart of Spain wants to leave Spain for not being solidarious with the poorer parts of Spain?

They are wrong the one who think that Catalonia, Scotland are just internal affairs of the UK, Spain. They are too European affairs because these new states can be born under the umbrella of Europe! Without the EU you could not think about this fragmentation of Europe! It is the fact that we are ruled from Brussels too (and Berlin too I am afraid) that people in Barcelona may be tired too of being also ruled from Madrid!

If there was no European Union the creation of an independent Catalonia would mean a different currency in any case but with the UE it is possible that Spain and Catalonia could be independent form each other and at the same time quite related. It is Europe now the one making that possible.

The European Union should care about European people so that it should care that whether Catalonia becomes an independent state or not people in Spain and Catalonia had the same opportunities! Now it seems that in Europe you can retain more your money if you become an state. Is this what we need in Europe?

We are having an incredible change in Europe. Now Germany and others are going to help to bailout Spain and at the same time Catalonia does not want to continue paying so much money to Spain. If we in Catalonia see that Germany is being so hard with southern countries to bailout them is it not quite reasonable that Catalonia may want to stop paying to Spain? On the other hand would it not be better if the solidarity between states and territories inside states was ruled by a general consensus in a European level so that in this way we would not have friction between different states or parts , yet …,of a state?


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