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It is days since I am asking Europe to try to help Catalonia and Spain to find a solution to a conflict between both parts.

In Catalonia about 75% people want to decide the future of Catalonia inside or outside Spàin. The Catalan governemt has said that the Catalan people will have their say and if this not possible within Spanish law, then we will need international law. The answer from Spain is quite clear: those who do not obbey withing the Spanish law will have to obbey.

So we have a big conflict coming! According to Spanish lawus Catalonia is a mere part of Spain who has no right whatsoever to decide its future. On the other hand most people in Catalonia we want to decide out future!

Some weeks ago a politicians from the Spanish Popular Party said that Guardia Civil should be sent to Catalonia. Now we have another controversy as a man responsible of the police in Catalonia (called Mossos d’Esquadra) has asked the Mossos to be in the part “of Democracy” and not just “what the law says” if there is a conflict in Catalonia! This is very dangerous! We are hearing talk as if there was going to be a use of weapons in this part of the European Union!

I am quite afraid of the current events because it may happen that there is a moment that events take a path that it is beyond what we may want!

Ok! If Europe does not want to solve the conflict in a public way I can understand but I just hope that at least in a secret way Europe is trying to solve the conflict between Spain and Catalonia!

Catalonia is one of the wealthiest parts of Spain. If most of us want to vote whether to remain in Spain or not and Spain does not allow us to do that and they even put in prision our president (they are threatening with this!) it is obvious that Spain is not going to work properly!

Economically we are now in the hands of Europe with the bailout! I am not asking that Europe now supports Catalonian independence or the unity of Spain. I am just asking Europe to try to bring both parts to a mininum agreement in something!



  1. Manuel Martinez ⋅

    If the central government of Spain does not permit a referendum as it is its right by Spanish constitutional law, then I see no other alternative for the Catalan government than to declare that the coming elections will be clearly on independence ONLY and not on the right to hold a referendum.
    If the Catalan government wins the elections by a huge majority on that question, then it can invite the Spanish government to start negotiations on the independence per se. In case of refusal, Catalunia can then declare unilaterally its independence at a specific date.
    Ultimately, if Spain decides to takeover Catalunia by sending its Army, then one big piece of advice to the Catalans: Resist peacefully by civil disobedience, not paying taxes to Madrid but to a parallel Catalan government and finally at every Spanish or Catalan election, always put forward the independence question.
    Sooner or later, Madrid will understand that the problem won’t go away and, if Spain stays a democracy within Europe, they will let you go.
    I am a Canadian of Spanish descent (Galicia & Asturias) and and I love Spain. This situation makes me sad but there is no point to force with or without the law, a huge clear majority of the Catalan people to stay within Spain.
    The only thing that really worries me is a possible Catalan nationalism which irrendism may ask for more: Valencia, Baleares, and some parts of Aragon. That would be problematic if those regions want to stay with Spain and only a treaty on independence between Madrid and Barcelone may make this possibility remote.
    I really hope that this situation will be solved peacefully and somehow that the Catalans stay in Spain by their will.
    Manuel Martinez
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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