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Why on hell is this Catalan blog making a post about a city in Castille called Segovia. Let me tell you …

Now is news on the Catalan press some words by the major of this beautiful city. It seems the cuts are also quite strong for Segovia and he does not feel loved by Castilla y León, the Autonomous Region where this city is located. With a sense of humour he has said he will declared the city as a catalan city or as in independent German state. He was joking of course but as recently I only listen threads from Spain it is nice to remember than in Spain not everything is a thread but that in Spain there are people too with a sense of humour.

So as I think it is difficult that Catalonia accepts Segovia as Catalan territory and I even find more difficult that Spain allows that … well, I just wanted to help Segovia finances in some way so I have remembered that Segovia is a must. I know people who have been there and I have seen photos and I can assure you that it looks gorgeous. Look in Google any panoramic view of this city and you will see how gorgeous it looks and how nice the fiels of Castille around the town. Los bellos campos de Castilla …


segovia (Photo credit: Van Beret)


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