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Ha de romandre Catalunya dins de l’OTAN? stands for Should Catalonia remain in Nato but I must admit that I have not seen this question made in the Catalan newspapers. But now it is a question that is been made in Scotland so I imagine one day will reach Catalonia! Maybe after we vote in Novembre 25th! Now it seems it is enough to be willing to be inside the EU. I imagine it would be foolish for us to talk about this of NATO because we still have a long way to go. It would be crazy for us to quarrel before we start walking. But one day we will have to talk about this. If we want the US having some sympathy with Catalonia becoming independent I imagine we should remain in NATO.

Wow! Everything is going so fast that now we have to ask questions that maybe a lot of people in Catalonia have not asked them ever!

The next months what happens in Scotland will be watched here in Catalonia a lot. But this does not mean we will do the same as in Scotland. So for now it seems that in Catalonia this of NATO is not part of the agenda …

It is as if there was a secret agreement between CiU, ICV and ERC to obtain a new Catalan state. Maybe they have a mirror in Spain. As PP and PSOE seem to work always together in relation to the fundamentals of Spain the same is done in Catalonia!


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