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I know my question seems ridiculous and in fact some minutes ago I have made a post telling that the streets of Catalonia are full of Catalan and independence flags.

Now I read in a Catalan newspaper, la Vanguardia, a problem in a community of flats because there was a note telling the neighbours to abstain putting flags in the balconies.

So as Catalonia is full of flags asking for indepence I wonder if Spain may change the law so that the use of flags is banned! I know this seems ridiculous but there are so many things ridiculoous happening nowadays. …

I remember that some months ago I could see Spanish flags when Spain won a the European Football Cup  so I wonder what kind of flags could they ban.

Let’s hope no banning happens but as I am even afraid that the Spanish government could even put on hold the Catalan parliament in the future I am afraid that any crazy thing can happen here. The only reason why I feel a bit relaxed is because we are inisde the European Union this time.


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