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I have always thought that the idea behind the European Union was to create a United Europe. So it seems to me strange that state members threaten part of its own citizens to leave them out of the EU if they want to create a new state. In the case of Spain this is still more grotesque if you take into account that Spain would be out of the euro and maybe the UE quite soon if the rest of Europe did not offer a bailout. So to be in such a weak position in Europe and even threat part of your own citizens to be put out of Europe seems to me just not a shame for Spain but a shame for the rest of Europe if they let use the UE as a weapon of threat and not of solution of conflicts. Besides Spain should not even dare to threat me and the rest of people in Catalonian. How are we going to leave the EU if we leave Spain if Spain does not even let us vote because Spain says so?

So now Spain seems to be worried that Scotland could be part of the EU because then Catalan people will ask the same. I hope some people in Spain realize how wrong is to be again in the wrong part of history again. Spain should learn from London. I think people in Spain should be more proud of themselves. And for me the way to be proud of Spain is not by forcing its current parts to be part of Spain but by getting rid of the parts which are not happy in Spain. GET RID OF CATALANS! If they do not want to be with you, pay to them with the same currency! If they want to leave Spain because in this way they think they will get richer, let them do that. Don’t act like them! Show to the world that for you are things more important than money! Your own proudness! If Spain is proud of itself and shows to be as open minded I am sure that a lot of people in Catalonia will go to live in Spain. On the contrary, if Spain looks old-fashioned and uses its constitution as if it was the law of God on earth not only will Catalonia will go sooner or later: some people in Spain will come to Barcelona or to London …

Each time I hear somebody from Spain telling that Catalonia cannot decide its own future I see this not as a sign that some people in Spain have very few confidence in themselves! I have been in Madrid. It is a very nice city. Castille is also wonderful. Maybe without Catalonia you won’t be so wealthy as now but you get rid of an eternal nuisance! Besides you cannot trust catalonia! Don’t you see? Now Spain is in one of the worst parts of its current history and what does Catalonia do? Cause more problems to Spain at the worst moment! Get rid of Catalonia once and for all! I have contacts with people in both parts of the Greenwhich Meridian … and my suspicion is that this is the best! Besides you will keep the old name of this part of the world! What more do you want?


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