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Mr Joaquín Almunia listening attentively to a ...

Mr Joaquín Almunia IS THE REAL OBSTACLE for an independent Catalonia! For independence to increase in Catalonia what we need is people who threaten Catalonia with an apocalyptic future!

Spain has two main ways to try to put a hold on Catalonia independence. One is by threatening the Catalans with an apocalyptic future outside Spain and they other is by showing to the Catalonia that Spain has also people so democratic as some people in Catalonia.

Because, let’s be sincere. The ones who insult Catalonians or threat Catalonians with making their future a kind of inferno outside Europe these kind of people are the best that can happen in favour of the independence movement in Catalonia. Each time somebody threatens to send the Guardia Civil to Catalonia or to “Spanishize” these are free propagande for the independence cause!

On the othe rhand moderate words like the ones from Almunia are not good at all for the independence cause! Even if his words coincide with some of the things we say in Catalonia! Almunia is a threat for an independent Catalonia becuase it shows a face of Spain that does not want to be seen by some in Catalonia. Fortunately for the people wanting independence in Catalonia Almunia seems to be quite alone.

In some way now some politicians in Spain will criticise Almunia for his words in he will almost treated as a traitor to Spain! (In Spain, like in Catalonia, there are, it seems, good Spaniards or Catalasn and bad Spaniards or Catalans)

So now we will see in some newspapers in madrid how they attack Almunia. And the more they attack him the more votes for independence we will have in Catalonia.

So, let me be sincere. I am afraid some people in Catalonia celebrate more the attack that Almunia will receive than his own words.

If Spain was prouder of itself should not show so much obsession about keeping Catalonia in any case. The more Spain shows that it gives a damm about what the Cataloniasn do the less independence vote there will be in Catalonia!

The reason why Cameron has agreed with Salmond because, first, Democracy is in his blood, and second, because, he loves and is proud of the United Kingdom. So, he does not want, of course, anyone being inside the UK, without wanting it!

I am sure that if most people in Spain had the smae thoughts as Almunia Catalonia would not only remain inside Spain. It would remain in a willingly way. Who knows, maybe one day the Spaniards discover that the more separatist movement now in Spain is the headquarters of El Mundo and La Razón in Madrid … Without them I doubt so many Catalonian people wanted independence!


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