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According to a poll that I read in El periódico 57% of people in Catalonia are in favour that Catalonia becomes a new EU state member.

This worries me  a lot because if nothing changes in Madrid I can only see more people in Catalonia wanting to become a new state of the European Union.

And why this worries me?

It worries me because I have the feeling that we are going to suffer a lot in the following months and years. And I have the feeling that we are not going to win much. But do not get me wrong. I am not saying that things should be left untouched. I understand perfectly well the people that want independence. I totally agree with the referendum and so on. But I am quite unhappy because all this comes as a result of a lack of understanding. And that is not nice.

Some want to put us fear that saying that an independent Catalonia would be a broken society. I think they are exaggerating but I am afraid that things will never be the same again. And I am thinking about the few things we had.

These last weeks I have been thinking about the independence of Catalonia and I do not have nothing against it but I have a lot of doubts that this could be good for the Catalan language. It is true that we have been suffering attacks from Madrid but I am afraif that in a wealthy independent Catalonia a lot of people from Catalonia would come to work. What I mena is that the Catalan solidarity of this last years has made us poorer but it also has made that Catalonia did not get full of people from other parts of the still common state.

Once we are independent and in a Europe without borders Spain will become poorer without Catalonia so some people from Spain will have to come here. The richer we get the more people we will attract. This is what happens in Germany. Germany is full of people from Turkey origin. I have nothing about people from other parts coming to Catalonia but I feel a bit weird to break from Spain to just have more people from Spain than ever.

Until now Spain was supposedly the defender of the Spanish language in front of the devilished politicians from Catalonia. In a Catalonia independent and possible at odds with Spain it may happen that the new citizens of the new state ask for things that now do not ask! Now we have TV3 in Catalan. In an independent Catalonia and with the castilian too official as some say it is weird to think that people in Catalonia have to watch tv from another country to listen to an official language of catalonia! So a public television in Castilian will be needed if we do not want that a lot of the new citizens of the new Cataln state have to watch Spanish tv!

Can Spanish politicians be able to divide Catalan people according to its language?

Well, I am not so sure. People in Argentina, México speak the same language as in Madrid and they do not want to be ruled out form madrid either so I do not see nay problem in wanting the independence of Catalonia and speaking Castilian or Catalans. After all an independence does not mean we stop loving our heritages. Austria and Germany are two states and have a common language. Besides in Catalonia becomes independent it happens maybe the weird thing that when we go to Spain by car or by boat it is quite easy we hear not Castilian but Catalan.

What I think that could be a problem is if we do not realise that in order to become independent of Spain we need certain minimum agreements. If not I am afraid Catalan society may break a bit but not among Castilian and Catalan speakers but between those born in Catalonia or in what now is the rest of Spain. This could be a problem because Spain could not give double nationality. And even in the case of giving double nationality this would mean that some Catalan peole have tt a Spanish passports and other not. The only solution I can find is that Spain and Catalonia are in good terms. If not we would see some people in Catalonia leaving Catalonia. Spain could make us a lot of harm because a lot of people in Catalonia has been born in Spain outside Catalonia! Why should they renounce to its roots too? José Montilla, once the president of Catalonia, was born in Andalusia. it is obvious that when he goes to Andalusia he should have a Spanish passport. If not he would be a foreigner where he was born. On the other hand as a citizen of Catalonia he would have a Catalan passport. Well all this is quite sensitive because people in Spain could feel that people with Catalan passport should not have too Spanish passport. And people in Catalonia who have no family, no roots outside Catalonia may feel a bit weird that so many of the other Catalan citizens could enjoy two passports with its advantages!

Inb rief, what I am saying is that we should be careful. We could become independent now and thenstep by step being so full of Spanish people that who knows, maybe we end having in the 22nd century a Catalonia where the Catalan is less spoken than in La Franja, etc and having the sensation we are in a new Spain with thte difference that the capital is barcelona, the land is smaller, and there is a language too called Catalan that it is the own language of the new state but that has lost ground since independence.

For the Spanish economy it may be true that an independent Catalonia. But I am not so sure that for the Castilian won’t be better an independent Catalonia.


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