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Some people in Catalonia want independence and some other not. Unfortunately for both we are not getting a clear message from Brussels about what happens when there is secession inide a state member.

Until now the EU has been a source of stability around the continent but now it can create a difficult situation if it reamains ambiguous!

Can Scotland or Catalonia remian inside the EU if they break from the UK and Spain?

Europe should not only answer that question as son as possible. IT ALSO MUST PROVIDE WARRANTIES TO BOTH PARTS OF A BREAKING UP that Europe will do its best to make that the breaking does not mean a worse situation for the citizens.

For example, in the case of Catalonia and Spain Europe cannot say this is an internal affair. If we in Catalonia, at least some, think about a possible independent state is because we have Europe. Without the European Union establishment, its democratic and peaceful background and the existence of a common currency the idea of an independent Catalonia won’t be so successful in Catalonia!

So, Europe, I mean the European Union, should find a consensus so that Europe has a future. It does not make sense that Scotland maybe become independent and be inside the UE and we in Catalonia we are not allowed evne to decide our future and we are even threatened to be put out of Europe from some wonderful amigos we have in this part of Europe. We are European citizens! All this is happening because of the EU structure. So there must be a European answer!

If in Europe each day we are going to be ruled more from Brussels it is not strange that people in Barcelona and catalonia may think that it is crazy to be ruled from Madrid and then from Brusssels. Too much! Why not directly then from Brussels?

I am not only thinking about the lands who want to create new states. I am thinking too about the states that may break up. If Catalonia leaves Spain then Spain won’t get money from Catalonia in the current way? Is Germany the one to give to Spain the money that Catalonia won’t give?

This must be answered now and without fear! All this conflict between Catalonia and Spain is also related a lot about Catalonia having to ask now for money to Madrid (the Spanish government is giving us the money as if they were making us a favour!) when Catalonia would have much more money if we had not been during decades being given so much solidarity money to the rest of Spain. It is crazy that now we have to ask money to Madrid when madrid has during decades taken our money! This is ridiculous! It is almost as if Germany went bankrupt because it has bailout Spain and now Germany has to beg Spain to give them money to make ends meet! Why do you think that so many people want independence in Catalonia? One thing is to have solidarity with Spain and another quite different is that you have to beg Spain to lend you money because you have nothing because during decades you have been so solidarious with Spain! I feel very angry with this! Some people in Catalonia have the feeling as if a roberry had happened and now the one who has robbed as gives us a little coin and even asks us to say thank you!

All this could be solved within Europe! Europe could establish the solidarity between different lands!

Who knows maybe Catalonia becomes independent and then it happens that the EU then aks Catalonia to have a lot of solidarity to Spain and then we are back to square one!

It is thanks to the fact that we are in the European Union that we expect that even if we have another state in this part of Europe we will share a same currency and the borders will be open as it is now. But what could happen if the European Union collapsed? Will this mean war again in Europe?

In brief Europe must realise that its own existence makes that some lands in Europe want to become new states. Europe should try, in my opinion, not to encourage Europe divided in a thousand little states or just the opposite, a Europe too tighten and to rigid inside the current states. I am not talking avoid welcoming a lot of new states or rejecting them. This is too sensitive. I am just talking about creating a framework in Europe that:

1. Ensures that some Europeans are not bad treated by other Europeans to the extent that wealthy parts have to act almost as beggars (the case of Catalonia with respect to Spain!)

2. Ensures that if a state breaks in two Europe will do its best not to avoid that or promote that but to get sure that both citizens of both states remain in the European Union, respect each other and have solidarity between them too!

Europe should ensure that whatever it happens in Spain (to remain all ruled from Barcelona,  Madrid and Brussels or let Catalonians be ruled just from Barcelona and Brussles) well Europe should ensure that Spain and Catalonia abide to the rules of Europe.

So for example Europe could tell Spain that it should listen to its people, even if they happen to be Catalan people. And it could tell Catalan people that Catalonia as an independent state will have to abide to the solidarity that Brussels says!

If Europe stays silent what we have it just some people from Spain (Almunia, fortunately, is different) that threaten Catalan people to have to leave the EU if we vote for independent (they do not allow us to vote for that but they tell us what will happen if we did!) And we have people in Catalonia that promote independence because it seems we will be so rich as we will have much more of our money for us! Europe should put order in this! I do not think it is right to threaten European citiziens of the EU to be put out of the EU just because they do not want to be ruled from Madrid! This is ridiculuous! Europe should say something!

On the other hand if Europe said something then maybe some could not idealize an independent Catalonia where we have a lot og money while Spain who knows how would do! Europe should not allow lacks of solidarity. I say that because if Catalonia leaves Spain, Spain will get poorer and Spain is people Europe should care that apart of Europe does not go belew a minimum level.

If Spain get poorer with a rich independent Catalonia and Europe allowed then why do we have Europe?

Now in catalonia I do not read this but I think that if Catalonia was quite rich and Spain poorer and Europe allowed that then people fromSpain will have to go to work in Catalonia. So Catalonia would be an independent state but it will be full of people from another state searching for work. I wonder this is what people in Catalonia want, really want.

Europe, please put order right now! Today is Scotland. Tomorrow can be Catalonia and the day after tomorrow can be Venice. Europe should take care that if this happens Europe is strengthened and not the opposite. And it must care that all goes smooth! We do not know how many years the European Union will survive. If thanks to the EU framework Europe divides itself in a lot of little states this could be problem without the European Union.

In Spain in Catalonia we are now at odds but we are still in peace. Let us help to remain so! Help us before it is too late! TRY TO BRING AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN POLITICIANS IN MADRID AND IN BARCELONA. Currently what we have is just some telling us they won’t allow us to have a referendum and people in Catalonia saying we will do in any case! CANNOT SEE EUROPE THAT NOW WE NEED EUROPE?? The Spanish nationalistic party PP and the nationalistic Catalan party CiU are not able now to agree in such a basic thing as WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS!!!!! This is serious. Please help Spain! Please help Catalonia! Do not allow that each day the situation deteriorates more and more. If Spain breaks up in a bad way without a minimum consensus bewteen Madrid and Barcelona this could isolate Spain again from the rest of Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people in Madrid want us in Catalonia wnat to have fear that we will have to leave the EU but I am afraid that we end being both expelled from the EU!!!!! I wonder how Europe is lending us money seeing how unable are we of finding solutions for the disputes between Madrid and Barcelona. Real madrid and FC Barcelona are some of the best or the best football teams of the word or so that say! But the rules of football come from England! So maybe now is the same. We have to learn from England again I think. But if in madrid do not like to learn from David Cameron at least Brussels should bring some rules to this dispute between Madrid and Barcelona!



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