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Until now the enemy of Catalonia seems to be the government of Spain. So I wonder what would happen in an independent Catalonia! Who would be the enemy?

Well, I imagine that first the enemy to blame would be for some time Spain still. Some politicians would blame the bad situation of anything in having been part of Spain for so long.

But when Catalonia has been independent for some years who would be the enemy of Catalonia?

If things go according to what it uses to happen in a lot of countries nowadays I imagine the enemy would come from outside as always …

So, who would be the enemy. The Spaniards who would come to work to Catalonia as Spain is poorer without Catalonia. The Muslim community that will be the third largest in Western Europe after France and Belgium?

Will there be parties who would ask for a vote to go back to Spain?

Will the language be a weapon for the political parties? I can imagine perfectly some parties saying that the new independent state is not what they wanted and that they just want a Catalonia with just one language. If this happens then we won’t quarrel with Madrid but between ourselves.

I imagine that I am wrong but I have the feeling as if an independent Catalonia would not be enough to bring calm to this part of Europe.

In any case the current situation now inside this Spain is so empty of nay hope that I imagine one cannot be worried to much about an independent Catalonia and its futures enemies when we are living in the current situation. Maybe independence make us dream a bit in this difficult times.


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