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Well, before continuing let me say that me, personally, rightly or wrongly, I do not feel at all threaten by the Spanish military. I just feel as if I was inside a war of words between Catalonia and Spain.

Some minutes ago I have read in Gulf Times (not my usual source of news! Maybe my first visit to that website!) the news that four parliamentarians from Catalonia has asked almost for preventive action to the EU against Spain as there is a kind of threat from Spanish military to Spain.

I feel it maybe a bit unfortunate this letter but let tell to the world that some days ago some politician from Brussels said something that was not precisely a source of calm for Catalan people. I am talking about Vidal-Quadras.

So I do not know what to think. It is true that some military also said some words that could be consider as a threat of intervention but in no case these threats were coming from the president of Spain or the King of Spain or the army in general! What I mean is that I am afraid now we are giving the feeling to the outside world as if Catalonia was in a terrible threat from the malevolous Spanish military forces and I really DON’T THINK THIS IS THE CASE AT ALL! I would only be afraid if the presidnet of Spain or the king of Spain threaten Catalonia. Just because an eccentric parlamentarian and some people from the army have said some very unfortunate comments I do not feel threatened at all by Spain.

I think that back in Spain and Catalonia we should be very careful because at one point Madrid and Barcelona will have to agree in something and the more we quarrel the worse image we give to the world.

In any case, once said that I do not think at all that Spanish army is a threat at all for Catalonia (in fact in an independent catalonia maybe the best to cut expenses would be to have the same army Catalonia and Spain!) I think that it is time the international community realises that Spain and Catalonia need not just economical help but also political help! WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM BETWEEN MADRID AND BARCELONA and we cannot find a common ground!!!!!

We in Catalonia want to have a referendum to decide whether we remain in Spain or not. In Madrid they just don’t want that so they put as excuse the Spanish constitution. It is obvious that the constitution is an excuse because they could change it if they thought Catalonia should decide their own future. So incontrast with the smooth path in the UK with Scotland here we are just in a situation that can only go worse! It is very necessary that Europe does something! Only that Europe said the amount that Catalonia has to give to the rest of Spain as solidarity I think it could bring some peace. Because Catalonia is a wealthy part of Spain and we have been giving solidarity for decades to Spain and now we do not have money for ourselves! And we even have to ask money from Spain. Do you imagine Germany asking money from Spain? Well, for us people in Catalonia is outrageous that we have to ask money to Spain because we do not have because we have to give so much in solidarity! (let me say too, however, that I understand a bit too that Spain is in a bad situation so that it is not a very good time to accept less solidarity from Catalonia but I feel that now in Catalonia we have the feeling we have reaced a limit of what solidarity should be!)

The European Union must realize that the States of the European Union will break apart if something faire is not done. Tomorrow can be Sctland. Catalonia next. Venice tomoorow. I am not in favour or against independence. I am just again this happening in a crazy way! Europe should do all the necessary so that Catalonia receives a fair treatment from Madrid. The solidarity between territories should be a European thing to decide! And if Europe cannot stop the states to break apart then it must do all possible so that the new states and the ones who break can find in the EU a place to meet and try to live as neighbours!

Europe should not allow, for example, that Spanish government threatens Catalonia to be out of the European Union if we vote for independence! The idea behind Europe is to unite . Not to threaten people to be outside Europe!


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