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It is crazy for me to imagine that Catalonia can become independent and have a nice country without an agreement with Spain at some point!

Let me put an example!

Imagine we have independence without any agreement with Spain. If we get no agreement I wonder how is going to recognise the international community Catalonia and Spain as serious countries! Catalonia could only become independent if there is some kind of agreement! Without a bit of agreement things in Catalonia would be a bit weird. Let me put an example.

Imagine again we are independent. Imagine the people who were born in Andalusia, for example José Montilla. It is obvious that once Catalonia is independent he would get a Catalan passport. But maybe José Montilla would like to have a Spanish passport. Not just because he may feel Spanish too or not. Just for something quite understable: he was born in Andalusia. So, should he not have a passport  from the state where he was born?

So we need an agreement because without agreement an independent Catalonia could be put in disarray I am afraid.

Spain could sayin the future : Ok, anyone who has Catalan nationality won’t get Spanish nationality. This would be terrible! But not just  because of sentimental reason. But because I find it would be strange not to have the nationality of the place where you have been born! So people in Catalonia who was born outside Catalonia, let say for example in Andalusia, should have the right to have two nationalities.

On the other hand let’s imagine that Spain and Catalonia would accept that. Then this could also be a problem! Some people in Catalonia would have the advantage of having two nationalites while others would have only one! Yes, it is true that we have possible  the European Union that unites us. But what if the UE collapses?

For the independence of Catalonia it seems that people who live in Catalonia will vote for it. I have nothing against that. But imagine that in an independent Catalonia things do not go well the first years. Then maybe Spain could desestabilize Catalonia by just giving a Spanish passport to those who were not born in Catalonia.

In summary, what I mean is that things can get quite difficult and that without an agreement between Spain and Catalonia is going to be quite hard for any part to succeed! Maybe it would be good that both parts acknowledge their own limitations!

If Spain does not act as david Cameron has done with Scotland and we go alone towards independence it is possible that we may get a richer Catalonia at some point. But also a Catalonia where we are dived in two parts. This does not mean that we are going to be in a broken society divided in two as some people from some parties etc say but I think that it is obvious that once Catalonia becomes independent all people in Catalonia who was born in Spain outside Catalonia may have a problem. And I am not talking about identity and language. It is just the fact that people from the Balearic Islands or Andalusia who live in Catalonia should have the right to have a Spanish passport too so that when they go to Andalusia or the Balearic Islands they have the passport related to the status of the place where they were born!

Imagine a person that was born in Madrid and loves Madrid. But he or she has lived 40 years in Barcelona. Catalonia becomes independent. This person even votes maybe or not for independence. He or she gets a Catalan passport. Ok. But I think this person shoould als have the right to have a Spanish passport. To be born in Madrid and not have a Spanish passport seems to me a bit strange!

Without an agreement with Spain things could become quite bad in Catalonia because Spain could use this of the passport to move people from Catalonia to other parts of Spain. And in Catalonia there could be a bad feeling about those having two nationalities! So Spain could divide Catalan population by just giving Spanish nationality to some people in Catalonia!

So when some people in Catalonia say that they do not want to choose between being Catalan or Spanish I do not see that worry so much for people who were born in Catalonia. But for people born outside Catalonia and inside Spain I think it is not just something we can decide just in Catalonia! Spain must agree to allow two nationalities for people from Catalonia!

In summary I find quite reasonably that people in Catalonia that want independence get independence if most people in Catalonia choose so. But we must see that although it may be an exaggeration that Catalonia will break in two in that case, it is obvious that Spain can make us a lot of harm. Spain only needs not to give (or to give!!) double nationality to people in Catalonia who were born in Spain outside Catalonia to create a division in Catalonia! If Spain gives double nationality then people in Catalonia who were born inside Spain but outside Catalonia would be quite happy. Having both passports they could be proud of their roots and of being part of a new born state. But what about the people in Catalonia who were just be born in Catalonia? They would feel that some of the Catalan citizens have the advantage of having two nationalities. They would feel maybe a bit unhappy because those Catalan citizens would have a say in Catalonia and too in Spain while they would only have a say in Catalonia.

But if it happens the opposite that Spain refuses to give double nationality to people born in Spain outside Catalonia but now having a Catalan passport then people in Catalonia who were born outside Catalonia but in Spain would feel that they have to choose! They have to choose whether to remain in Catalonia or go to Spain to keep a Spanish passport. And what Spain would do then? Give the passport only to the ones who were born outside Catalonia and who did not have Catalan passport?

Themore I think about all this the more I realize that in order to make people happy and try to bring stability to this part of the world it is very very necessary that Spain and Catalonia understand each other! If there is not understanding I do not think that Catalonia will break apart in two parts as some want us to believe. But it can happen something that maybe not good for Catalonia: That some people in Catalonia leave Catalonia and go to leave in what it would then be Spain. This would be traumatic for this people and would make that Catalonia could become a place where Spaniards would only come to earn some money to return back to Spain as soon as possible.

I would be very proud to have a Catalan passport and to go to Madrid and show my Catalan passport. But I also want to have a Spanish passport because I love Madrid and having two passports I could show my love for Madrid too. I have no problems with Barcelona being independent from madrid so I have no problems with having two states. But if I am forced to choose only one passport, a Spanish or a Catalan one, this would be for me very very hard because i want to live in Catalonia but I cannot imagine renouncing to a passport that brings me memories of Picasso, El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Don Quixote, García Lorca. A state with marvels such as the Canary Islands, the Alhambra, a land of castles and the beautiful Madrid it is obvious I do not want to renounce. But the fact that I do not want to renounce to a Spanish passport does not mean that I want Catalonia to be ruled from Madrid or that I have nothing against an independent Catalonia. I just love Catalonia and Spain! Is this a crime?




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