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As I have said in other posts the current conflict between Spain and Catalonia is not just an internal problem south of the Pyrenees. It is a European problem and those who do not realise that will pity that in the years to come.

This morning I have realized that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain could not only bring Catalonia and Spain to a terrible scenario but that in fact Catalonia and Spain could even destroy the European Union. I know it sounds crazy but let me tell you my worries. I hope I am totally wrong.

First of all let me tell you what is going on. In some weeks we have an election in Catalonia. If the parties that want Catalonia to decide its own future win they will ask fro a referendum or a consultation. Madrid refuses that. So we will have a big conflict that could last for some months or years.

In any case (and in contrast with Scotland good terms found between Salmond and Cameron) well in Spain and in Catalonia we will reach a point that it is going to be very very dramatic!: In some way we the Catalan we will vote and say what we want.

If this votes says we want to be a new state inside the European Union this is a big problem not just for Spain (Spain does not want a referendum, consultation or nothing) It is a problem for Europe.

If we Catalan people say we want to to be a new state in Europe and Spain refuses to listen to us what will the rest of European partners do???

One possibility is to say this is an internal Spanish affair. Well, this can be an answer for some weeks or months but at some point some country, or some part of another country will be in the same situation that Catalonia. The Republic of Venice will want to be a reality too maybe!

So what I mean is that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain is not just an internal affair because it is a conflict about how we see democracy!!! It is a democratic problem!

So, if Europe now just says it is an internal problem then in the future we will have chaos.

I am totally certain that if the majority of Catalonia says yes to a new state it is impossible to think that a whole continent remains silent! Will the UK or Scotland do not say a word about that?

So at some point some will support the fact that something must be done. Somebody will realise in Europe that it is not possible that a little part of Europe where most people may not want to belong to Spain are obliged to that. If other countries do not listen to what has happened in Catalonia they may even end having the same secession affair inside their states! The people of Bayern, the people of Venice, etc at some point will say something.

Or maybe countries from outside Europe say something.

So imagine that at some point a country of some weight says something. What happens then? Imagine Germany telling Madrid something.

I do not know but I think that at some point what is happening in Catalonia in the next months is going to divide the European Union! And this can be terrible! If people in Spain have the feeling that Catalonia is becoming independent because Berlin or London support the result of a consultation or a referendeum this would bring a problem to the unity of Europe. Maybe Spain would then want to leave the European Union. it would be quite hard for some people in Spain to think that the price they have to pay inside the European Union is that Berlin or Brussels dictate which are the borders in Europe!

So the best would be now to find a common solution between all memebers in Europe! It must be a solution that brings stability! If we had had already MEHR EUROPA in Spain and Catalonia maybe I would not be writing this! If Europe had put a limit in the solidarity of Catalonia to the rest of Spain maybe people in Catalonia would not be so angry with Madrid.

I am in favour of Catalonia having the last say about its future but I am also worried that at the end it may seem as if it was Berlin the one who decides which borders we have in Europe!!!!!! If Europe does not help Catalonia and Spain to find some kind of agreement between them then there will be a point when Europe will have a hot potato in their hands! Does anyone want to reach the point where it will seem as if Spain breaks in parts just because Germany accepts that? Or Italy loses Venice because Germany accepts that?

That we in Catalonia are ruled from Barcelona instead of Madrid seems to me wonderful but I am afraid that we end by just having an “independent” Spain and “independent” Catalonia just ruled from Berlin. From Brussels I would not mind.



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