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This post is thought for those who want an answer to some of its questions and use Internet for that case. Needless to say that here you will find an answer but needless to say too that the answer may not be the one you would desire.

So should the US support Catalonia independence?

Well, at first, right now, it is obvious that the US just should remain silent. As any other country the US should wait and see …

But let’s imagine that the day comes when the world needs to know what the US has to say. Well, in this case, I imagine that the US just have to see what the EU says.

Once that said is it important to the US an independent Catalonia? Can that be good for the US? Some benefit of it?

It is obvious that if the US supports Catalonia indepence that can bring more little independence states into the European Union. Is htis good for the US? I imagine that this depends in the way this affects the EU.

Wrting this I am realizing how something that can be very important for us in Catalonia it cannot be at all important outside Catalonia or Spain.

As far as I know new states have been born in two ways: after a violent conflict or after an agreement. In the case of Spain and Catalonia it is not possible for me to imagine a violent conflict to take place as we are inside the European Union. Any violent conflict it would mean we go out of the EU at once, I imagine. And an agreement, we have not agreement right yet …


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