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The famous marathon of New York takes place this time the first days of November. I have read that in the city where now Josep Guardiola is living they intend that the independence flag of Catalonia is seen everywhere.

Some days ago I remember one American saying that the Catalan people, if they want to get support for their new state, they should not worry so much why do they want independence and they should ask themselves why should the rest of the world want Catalonia independence?

As Barcelona is quite known in New York and Woody Allen even brought here Scarlett Johansson for a film with Penélope and Bardem I wonder why should New Yorkers would want Catalonia to be independent.

One of the few reasons I could imagine would be if the new state had English as another official language but unfortunately most of my countrymen are not so fond of learning English as I do.

Who knows, maybe is the international community that could suggest that of the English language. I think it would be perfect. Barcelona is quite a nice city and if English was also its official language it would mean that a lot of people from around the world could come to live in Barcelona.

In any case, I just would be happy if New Yorkers just supported us to decide our future. One day the Americans had to fight against the British to get its independence. Now the UK even let’s the Scots to decide its own future. Something like that I want for Barcelona and Catalonia.



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