Congratulations to the winner of Men’s Marathon in the London Olympic Games 2012.

Some months ago the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy said that Spain was not Uganda. Now people in Uganda can say that Uganda is not Spain. In fact even the first European to end the Marathon has done that in the ninth position. Congratulations so to Uganda. Congratulations to Stephen Kiprotich!


I am sorry that these last days I have not written any post let alone posts about the Olympic Games in London.
In fact the Olympic Games have taken some of my time.
It is incredible how smoothly the games are taking place. I hope they end in such a peaceful atmosphere as these last days.

It is amazing the change that Internet has made to the Games. With websites and apps it has been so easy to follow the games.

Never in my life I had followed the Olympic Games in this way.

I watched the women’s Marathon some days ago. It was quite nice and you could see some of London landscapes. Nonetheless I am intrigued why did they not choose a Marathon that connected the zone of Buckingham Place (or Big Ben, etc) with the Olympic Stadium at Strattford. By the way, each day I like more the Stadium.

It is fascinating to follow the Games because you can see too how people from different nations react to the camera and to the public! Athletes from some countries remain very serious and do not smile while others smile a lot. I have realised that it is not just a personal choice! I like the athletes who smile and have even some fun in front of the camera but I imagine I like that just because in Barcelona people use to smile and be nice in front of a camera. But maybe for people from other countries these smiles maybe it is some kind of frivolity. I do not know. I am very intrigued about all this. Besides the medals the Olympic Games seem to me the perfect venue to see how beautiful and nice can the human race be. And how full of different ways of behaving.

Let me end by remembering Usian Bolt when he heard the USA anthom and he cut an interview to listen to the anthom. Or the tears of the athlete Sánchez and the applause of the stadium.

Congratulations to ALL the people behind the Games in London. They heve been very splendid so far. I have realised that even in the streets of Catalonia there are more people jogging through the streets … or is it me that I pay more attention? One when sees these atheless running so fastor being so fit one wonder if it would not be nice not just being a superstar athlete but just somebody how care a little more about making a bit of healthy exercise. It is obvious that to run like Usain Bolt is, curently, out of hand for the rest but it is quite handy to walk a little more each day. That’s the less I want to do after watching these amazing games coming from the amazing London.


Never in my life I had followed the Olympic Games as these days. As I like London I love to follow the games in order to see some hint of London skies … London streets, London skyline …

Saturday July 28th
This was fantastic as there was the male road cycling! In I could see a map and through a tv I could see Hampton Court and also as the cyclists pass through Richmond Park. And obviously Buckingham Palace.

Sunday July 29th
In the morning I saw Hockey. The event took place in the Olympic Park and at a time a could see a swimming pool nearby and also the Olympic Stadium. I saw two some of the tall buildings in Stratford. RIVER BANK ARENA would be the name where hockey was taking place. The A12 is not very far so I imagine that the tall buildings are the ones one can see when coming to London by bus from Stansted Airport.

One of the surprises was to see that Volleyball Beach was taking place in the center of London. You could see the London Eye and sometimes the Big Ben or Saint James Park and I think too the Hilton Hotel next to Hyde Park. The Place is called HORSE GUARDS PARADE and I know it a bit because when you go from Trafalgar Square to Westminster you pass through an entrance. So we are having volleyball next to David Cameron’s 10 Downing street! There is too a building with two greet roofs. I imagine it is an official building.

On Tv I could see judo from NORTH GREENWICH ARENA. EXCEL is mentioned. An indoor event. Yesterday there were too rotations in an indoor place. I wonder where is the swimming pool where Phelps can be seen. I imagine it is the AQUATICS CENTER. It is a building with an amazing roof. The architect behind is ZADA. This building is near the Olympic Stadium. THE ORBIT is the controversial red structure near the Olympic Stadium.

I see the following sports to take place in the Olympics:
August 7th 2012

These last days I have seen that some of the walk, marathon ot bycicle on road had one thing in common: the streets next to Buckingham Palace. The streets going from Hyde Park to more or less Trafalgar Square and passing near the gates of Buchingham Palace have appeared very oft. The square with the sculpture of Quuen Victoria looking towards Trafalgar Square has appeared very oft. So anyone who has been there to see the change of the Royal Guard will recognise that square.

About the Olympic Stadium I have discovered through photos that the flame is in the south of the stadium. The medals are given in the Western side of the stadium. And the 100 meters were started in the north west side of the stadium. The Orbit, outside the stadium, is at the east side. It is that strange red structure. The strange white roof not so far is the Aquatics Center.
Sometimes we have views of the stadium with a green background. If you see the Orbit, the stadium and at the end some green maybe you are seeing the Victoria Park. It is years I want to visit that big park.

The other day I watched on Tv the Royal Artillery Barracks. They are in Woolwich. South of the Thames and in some way south of Lea Valley. The Olympic Park is a part of the Lea Valley.

Friday, August 10th 2012

These last days Hyde Park has appeared on Tv quite oft. I saw it as I watched the men’s triathlon with BROWNLEE GOMEZ BROWNLEE as the three winners.
I watched a video about the triathlon and it connected it to the masons.
Yesterday the Serpentine was the place for a women’s 10 km final. You could see a skycraper. Knightsbridge Barracks?

Today I see the Men’s Kayak Single in ETON DORNEY. It seems it is near Windsor Castle or at least in that part of the country.
I see it s having two long parts being the wider part the one now in use. In a map I see it is near the M4. From London you will pass near Heathrow and then about 15 or 20 miles away one will be near Eton Dorney.

AUGUST 11TH 2012

I still have to look where WEYMOUTH PORTLAND is but maybe it is in the English Channel.
Now I am watching a mountain Bike final. It takes place in Essex, in HADLEIGH FARM:


Some minutes ago ended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London and before going to bed I just want to tell how I go to bed after watching this ceremony!

Well, I am extremely happy with the ceremony. The British have been very wise and in this ceremony they had shown to the world what makes them so wonderful.

The music has been of course one of the most wonderful things! With even Jude with Paul McCartney at the end!

To be sincere I was full of envy as the ceremony was unfolding! British worldwide Hit after British worldwide hit was part of the ceremony!

And from time to time you could see very known people as lovely Mr Bean!

Watching the ceremony one had to admit that we were no watching just another opening ceremony! Very very very very very few countries could have given a ceremony with so much content from the own country and at the same time to feel familiar to people from other countries!

In fact I had the feeling as if the ceremony was a summary of part of my life and of the history of the world! I only have doubts about the song of Saturday Night Fever. I think it is from the Bee Gees and I do not know if it has something related to Britain. But all the rest of the songs I also love them. They reminded me of when I was younger!

One of the most incredible parts included in the ceremony and that I think that I will never forget ever EVER is the blending film when the queen jumps off the helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ceremony reminded me of the musicals at the West End of London. Rowan Atkinson presence was also very nice because its humour unites people from around the world! He is incredible!

The beds with children and the white white white incredibly shining blankets were also amazing. The white butterflies were pure dreaming.

But to summarize maybe the best of the ceremony was for me the sense of a great civilisation behind the ceremony.

It is funny because I love the English language very much but I must admit that the words in French in the Olympic Stadium sounded to me incredibly good. In fact one of my favourite series is Alo Alo! where they speak English with French accent!

David Beckham with his smile in the boat and the lights surrounding the boat, well, that was amazing too.

I have felt a lot of emotion when I have seen the words NHS inside the Olympic Stadium! In Catalonia and Spain we also have universal health for everybody but I cannot imagine putting its name inside an opening ceremony! I have felt at that moment a very big respect for the people of these beautiful islands.

I have to go to sleep … but let me end by saying that this has been a very nice ceremony.  It is obvious that the British are very wise and know how to sell their products to the world and tonight they have shown that they have a lot to sell. Even if that is a bit of the last century. Like me.

Congratulations so to the ones behind the cerimony! The best: the music and the Queen jumping!

Tonight I go to sleep very happy of having  London at only two hours by plane. I must admit that this ceremony has not made that I fall now in love with London as it is a long time since I have been seduced by Judes, Roppers and the sounds of the English language …


In some hours teh opening ceremony will start … and here in THE.CAT I want to have all the links I like to follow the news coming from London. More that the Olympics I am interested in the city of London so for me the Olympic games are a good opportunity to get news from London.

First of all, let me tell that I have read webpages that say that it is possible to watch BBC tv outside the UK through Internet. It is even possible to watch it  through a mobile under some circumstances. Once that said here are the links that I am looking to use and that I am sharing with anyone reading this post:


The BBC is for me a very good source of information but now what it is good for me is to know really what part to look at! So here I have some links:

BBC ONE. Perfect to watch the opening ceremony. If you cannot see it outside the UK (although it is possible as I read in some webpages!) you could try to listen to some BBC RADIO as BBC RADIO 5 .

As I said before I read in some websites that it was possible to watch BBC tv outside the UK but now I have read a news on the GUARDIAN website that makes me afraid that maybe we BBC TV or BBC RADIO programmes related to the Olympic games won’t be broadcast to an international audience. It the website from the BBC thinks you are outside the UK you may read:

“The BBC’s agreement with the International Olympic Committee means we are not allowed to broadcast anything online outside the UK from the Olympic Park or Olympic venues.

“As a result, this programme may need to be blanked for International listeners due to rights issues surrounding Olympic content in programmes.”

A good place to know what the Londoners feel about what is going on in London can be LBC radio. There is a lot of talk and people call and they talk about a lot of issues some related to the Olympic and London, etc.

Another interesting website to know more about London is the TRANSPORT FOR LONDON website or FTL. There you may find maps of the tube, the buses. Another option is to go to Google Maps and choose transit.

The Olympic Park is in Stratford. As far as I know it can be reached, for example, throgh the Central Line, the Jubilee Line, the DLR. It is quite interesting to know about the past of the place where the Olympic park is placed. It seems it is in a marsh of the Lee river. The Thames can be very famous but I feel more excited about this Lee river and its surroundings. After all, one of the best things of England is its landscape.

If you have nostalgia of London you can also watch a torch relay through London. I have found this link to a torch relay with map included from Candem to Westminster:

Let me now go to the official website of the London 2012 Olympic games:
To move through London I use to go to TFL but I see that in the official Olympic games website they also have a Journey planner. I tried it and it gave me different options from Piccadilly Circus to the Olympic Stadium. It also mention the existence of the GAMES TRAVELCARD.

I have found a webpage at THE GUARDIAN where you can see photos of the past and of the present of the place where the Olympic park is now:


Tonight, tonight, tonight …
tonight I want to be with you …

Tonight it is the night.

London will be, like in old past ancient centuries, the centre of the planet.

The Olympic Games 2012 will make possible that London is again, for some weeks, news around the world.

I feel sorry for not being in London now but in fact what really matters is not where you are but how you feel where you are.

I have been following news from London radios, etc and I have the impression that the Games can be a success. The only adversities can can come as far as I imagine is chaos in London transport (the tube, for example. Terror threats are also a worry but in the Western countries we are used to be threatened so I hope all security measures can put terrorists at bay.

There is something about London hosting the Games that makes me feel quite sure that the Games won’t be a chaos. Each time I have been in the UK I have realised that everything is very much organised with notes everywhere for everything.

I imagine that tonight the Soho and the central part of London will be so full of people that it will be something quite incredible to see. I remember that on weekends the center of London is very full so I imagine that today it will be even fuller.

I wonder if they will have too large screens in Hyde Park or Trafalgar Square. And what will happen with the OMEGA clock in Trafalgar Square once the Olympic Games start?

Now I remember the Inauguration of the Olympic games in Athens and in Beijing. In Athens the stadium was amazing and in Beijing the set of the drums was a great symbol of the power of the Asian tiger.

But what will the British do in the Stratford Stadium?

I have read that the countryside will be important. It is true that the English country side is amazing but I wonder if this beauty can be brought inside a stadium?

I am happy that the games are taking place outside an eurozone country because in the eurozone we are in no mood for big celebrations or expenses but it is very nice to have the Olympic Games so close. It is nice to have the Games in a city that one knows and one loves. And let’s remind that London is the most populated city of Europe (or at least of the European Union.

In fact London is very suited for a universal event as London itself is a mix of people from around the world.

Let me end by saying that one way to follow the Games is through the BBC. Even BBC TV is possible to be seen outside the UK and even in a smartphone. Incredible but true.

The inauguration start at 9 pm BST so at 10 pm CET. I will continue writing not much about the Olympic games but about London. I leave you here with some links:


I love the English language so I like to read articles in English.

There is however, something quite weird in the following sheet in English. It is a sheet that the Spanish government has sent to foreign media. This is nothing wrong in principle and for me is wonderful because I like to know the translations into English of the subjects happening in the Spain crisis.

But there is a little thingquite wrong!

It seems that this sheet gives information to the foreign media that it is not given to the Spaniards!

This is quite unacceptable. A lot of cuts for the Spanish people and a lot of increase in VAT but you just tell the foreign media.

What the Spanish government told the foreign media but not to the Spanish media:




The Spanish Government has presented additional fiscal measures designed to achieve
Spain’s deficit targets convened with the European Commission in the framework of the
Excessive Deficit Procedure.

These measures include, among others:

A significant increase in tax revenues, including VAT, corporate income tax,
personal income tax and excise duties.

A substantial review of the unemployment benefit regime and of social security

Measures to increase the efficiency of the public sector and to reduce the public
sector wage bill.

A frontloading of the sustainability factors in the pension system.

The estimated impact of these measures is approximately 13.5 billion euros in the
remainder of 2012, 22.9 billion euros in 2013, and 20 billion euros in 2014. This
calculation excludes the valuation of the impact of further measures, including
Energy and Environmental taxation, which will be announced at a later date.

Estimated impact of the fiscal measures announced on July 13 (In € bn)

So, I have not translated the text into English! It is in English! The press in Spain links to this sheet with all written in English!

One could say that if the Spanish government sends this infromation in English to the foreign media and here we have to read this in English then, who knows, maybe it is just better, we are directly ruled from abroad!




In about two weeks London will host for the third time the Olympic Games. If you add to this that the Elgin marbles come from Greece too one could consider London to be in love with Classical Greece as no other place outside Greece.

Anyway, I just hope the Olympic Games to be a success. I know that if they are a success we will hear that is was a British success but I am afraid that if they are a failure, people from outside Europe they will see the failure as another sign of the decline of another European nation.

So, with all the bad image that Europe is giving abroad with the never end eurozone debt crisis it would be horrible that also the UK added to the failure.

Unfortunately in Europe we are so used to see the things in an internal way that I wonder how many people inside the eurozone will realise that a Olympic Games failure is also bad for the eurozone as it would add to the bad image of Europe around the world. Between eurosceptics in the UK using a success of the Olympic Games as a weapon against the eurozone or people outside Europe laughing at a failure of the euro and of the games too I prefer the eurosceptics to be the ones to laugh.

A failure of the Olympic Games in London would be a very bad news for eurosceptics in the UK who seem to associate only failure to events happening only at the other side of the English Channel. But it is obvious that in mainland Europe we would not win anything from a failure in London Olympic Games.

Little can THE.CAT to try the Olympic games to be a success. I just can hope them to be a success.

I wish I could be in London for the Olympic Games but unfortunately the prices for rooms seem so expensive that I just will watch the Olympic Games on TV.


This summer the Olympic Games take place in London. With all the problems in the eurozone I feel that maybe this may cause fewer tourists from the eurozone to London.

So I have thought that maybe London could try something new to bring people from the eurozone. This would mean more money for London!

So my idea is to do something in London so that people from the eurozone feel in London like at home! And how can this be done?

Well, quite easily! A way for people in the eurozone to feel at home is to be able to pay in euros!

So maybe a way to increase revenues in London and at the same time to help to bring confidence to the euro is that you could use the euro in some establishments in the center of town!

As I imagine that some people in the UK would find that outrageous maybe they could also also boost tourism from the US by accepting also dollars.

I think it could be a unique experience. London, for just a limited time, would accept dollars and euros in some hotels, shops in the center of London. This would attract tourism!

Some years ago I went to London and I remember there were some phone cabines that accepted euros. I think London should take advantage of the euro! By accepting the use of euro during the Olympic Games they would attract potential tourists from 17 countries!

London is the biggest capital of Europe so it would not be so strange that it could do something to attract people from mainland Europe!

This would be a wonderful way not just to attract tourism for the Olympic Games but for the future too bacause London always deserves more than one sad visit!

Anyway, with the current eurocrisis and with the feeling that the Financial Times of London is against the euro I feel that not a lot of people from Europe will go to London. Because there is not much to spend and because the eurozne needs euros. But with my proposal I think that a lot of German, French, Italian, etc would be happy to go to London because they would enjoy London and at the same time they will be helping their own currency! Because it would be world news that London would accept euros for the Olympic Games. It would be a wonderful way for the eurozone to help the UK by and for the UK to help the eurozone!