Copy of a Photograph of Charles Dickens


About 200 years ago Charles Dickens was born. In Catalonia we also celebrate this aniversary. I have seen as in the local library they have put a special shelf with a dozen of books.  Some are translations into Catalan (Papers de Pickwik, Copperfield, …) or into Castilian. Some are abridged versions for English learners (A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield) I have also seen an audiobook and a BBC box with about 5 films like A CHRISTMAS CAROL, etc. On the other hand, on Spanish TV, in one of the most famous programmes calles SABER Y GANAAR they made a special programme on Tuesday about Dickens and all the week they have had questions about Dickens.

One of the problems I see with Dickens books, and other books, is that they were written at a time when people had not Internet and other leisures. Now I find quite hard to read just a book with so many pages. I even think I would prefer to read selected chapters of different books of Dickens. In fact I am doing this but with audiobooks …

BAH, HUMBUG … is one of the things I have learnt so far …

If I go back to London I would like to go to the Dickens Museum and leave there, if possible, the little note in Catalan of the local library about the 200th aniversary.