Today I do not see only the news about the earthquake of Lorca in local newspapers. I also see it at the BBC main page.

It seems that the earthquake that happened some months ago was related or induced by the extraction of groundwater during years.

It seems that the water level had descended about 250 meters.

I have always wondered how water is kept below earth. Is it mixed with earth as mud. Or are there kind of caves keeping the water? I say that because when you see water in a well it seems to me something a bit strange. What are we really having at the bottom of the well? It is a kind of lake? Is there air there below us?



Should a curfew be imposed on cats at night? Well, some people think so because they say that cats are a danger to other wildlife.

The truth is that I THE.CAT has not been able to think much about this but who knows, you begin supporting curfews for the cats and you end having too curfews for the  the humans too.

So, for the moment THE.CAT rejects night curfew …




Today would be a great day to write to the BBC. As Spain is news they have their usual space that now it says “ARE YOU IN SPAIN?” You write there and then they phone you if the want ans ask you some questions about what is going on in Spain. So as I love the language of Shakespeare, I am interested in the euro, and I use to listen to the BBC I could happily write to the BBC with the hope that they call me back.



Well, the answer is very simple. Each time I speak with British media I have the feeling as if I was speaking with the enemy. I am 100% sure that they will ask me something in some way that it will go against the eurozone or Spain. And I am fed up of that. I am fed up that they take advantage that in Europe we  know English to put us to talk against our ourselves. That is not the reason why I learn English.

So, you see, THE.CAT prefers to write in his own blog that being misused from the BBC. I prefer to use my English to read Shakespeare …

Let me end however, by saying that in general I like the BBC. it is amazing! In fact it is the best I know! It has a lot of wonderful podcasts and the webpage is magnificent. I also must admit that I am exaggerating a bit what I say. The BBC is much better than other British media. Sometimes you can even see the European side of a controversy. So, in brief, I recommend very much the BBC but I would be careful to speak with them. Whatever you say it could go against hte interests of the eurozone.




Mariano Rajoy en Bilbao. Imagen tomada por Ike...

Mariano Rajoy en Bilbao. Imagen tomada por Iker Parriza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope very much that Angela Merkel and Mariano Rajoy write in some years their memories about their time as chancellor and prime minister respectively. By doing so we will be able to know, or not, what has happened this days.

In fact. It is all so weird. As you know Spain has not asked for a bailout but it seems that it is going to ask for it! Some hours ago The Guardian said that this Saturday Spain would ask for a bailout. Now the BBC says that Spain won’t ask for a bailout.

So it is all full of secrecy and mystery.

What worries me is that in the same way that the citizens we don’t know what is happening maybe we are not the only ones!

Is it possible that Angela Merkel really does not know what Spain is going to do next?

I like Mariano Rajoy to be free to act and not do just what Angela Merkel tells him but at the same time I would be quite afraid if Maraino Rajoy just does not listen to Angela Merkel!

It is wrong that Spain just acts as an slave from Germany but I find it would be wrong too to act without having a European vision!

Spain is inside the European Union and shares a currency with 16 other countries.

I do not know what to think. First I was happy for Mariano Rajoy not to ask for a bailout. It seemed that it is better to reach June 17th, the day of Greek poll, without being under a bailout. On the other hand it seems that some say it is needed that Spain has the bailout before the Greek voting because it would be too much for Europe to have the Greek voting NO to bailout conditions and Spain on a limbo.

So, I have a lot of doubts but what is going on inside Spanish government headquarters?

It must be crazy! Mariano Rajoy IS FOR SURE having a call from BRUSSELS AND BERLIN each morning and each afternoon. Even Japan and the US maybe  ringing Madrid. Spies should also being trying to know what Rajoy is saying!

As I am writing this in Madrid maybe now there is a big quarrel between Mariano Rajoy, De Guindos and Montoro. And even Rubalcaba I am sure he is phoning Rajoy too to know what is going on!

This is pure material for a bestseller! I beg Mariano Rajoy and company that they take a photo of their current meeetings! This photo is precious for future generations!

Sometimes I have the feeling that everything is under control. That Angela Merkel knows perfectly well what Mariano Rajoy is going to do. But is this so? Because I am sure that Obama has phoned Merkel maybe to ask if she knows what Rajoy has decided?

I don’t know Mariano Rajoy but I imagine that I have a better idea about him than most people from outside Spain. So let me share how I see him so that you can imagine what is going on.

Mariano Rajoy is a very tall man. This can be important or not but when I see him next to other European politicians he gives a high image … of him.

In politics I see him as a man that avoids problems if possible. He is known for not being very much on the right of the Spanish right. He is not Aznar at all.

One think to take into account is her wife. Her wife has a very sweet look and she looks as a very nice sensible sweet person. When I saw an image of her wife I thought immediately that a man with such a wife must have a tender site hidden under his current hard looks. So, the woman next to Mariano Rajoy is maybe now the best asset that rajoy can have! I am such she brings calm to him. He was very lucky.

A lot has been said that Mariano Rajoy is been very proud. Well, yes, Mariano Rajoy is a proud man but I am sure he knows that the future of Spain is in Europe so that we are not with somebody crazy. He is a man from the right party in Spain but he is not the right in his party! He must have something when he has been able to remain as head of the right party. Powerful people in the party would have liked to put him down.

I just hope that Mariano Rajoy, if he is alone in Europe and at odds with Merkel now, he has at least the support of Rubalcaba.

Rubalcaba is a very wise politician from the left. He is very good in explaining the things. I hope very much that whatever it happens in Spain with the bailout Rubalcaba and Rajoy have agreed!

In any case, I hope Rajoy listens to Angela Merkel. I don’t know her but I trust my German friends. They were nice people. I have the feeling that Germany should be listened and trusted. They seem to me nice people. A bit hard sometimes but nice and responsible people.




The Third of May


In this post I want to congratulate the millions of Spaniards whose behaviour these days I hope it is an example for generations to come. In contrast with me, that I don’t remain calm quite easily, the people in Spain have made something that one day historians will realise that was the most fundamental aspect who saved the world from falling apart.

You can have G7 emergency meetings, you can have Angela Merkel supporting Spain. But the true reason why the world is now not falling apart is because millions of Spaniards have remained calm.

I dislike that a lot of Spaniards have a low lever of English. But maybe this has helped not to have acted as some British media would have loved: with all the Spaniards going to the banks for their money.

The Spaniards have given a lesson to the Financial Times and other British media: We hear your noise but we do not listen to it.



I have read some minutes ago in the BBC website that Cyprus may need too help like Greece, Ireland and Portugal did.

As far as I know Cyprus is a small island but it is obviously not good news. i am wondering if in the next weeks we won’t have bad news from places we did not think about!

MODIS satellite image of Cyprus.

MODIS satellite image of Cyprus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Today it happens something quite weird in BBC website. It writes a lot about the DIAMOND JUBILEE and it does not say a word about the URGENT MEETING OF G7 to discuss the situation of Spain!

I cannot believe this is happening in the frontpage of the BBC. it must be one of the few times that the BBC forgets its international coverage!

By the way, this sunday I made a special post about the Jubilee Diamond. Let me say that if I did that is because I am not a UK taxpayer! in THE GUARDIAN it seems that some jobless people were bussed to the celebrations. So, there are some people in the UK that still are critical about the celebrations. Anyway, from outside, the British Monarchy is perfect! You do not pay for it and you can enjoy all the gossip, etc about it. In any case if I was a British citizen i think I would be very critical about it but I hope I was able to see too that to have the oldest monarchy of the world is not so bad to attract tourism! Much better to have Elizabeth II as a Queen that a king who hunts elephants anyway.

Do you imagine that the French revolution had taken place in England and now we had a monarchy in Paris and a republic in London. Well, if that was the case, I am sure that the British press will laugh at old old-fashioned Europe . The British press will laugh at the old fashioned Paris with his old fashioned king in Versailles and so …

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Au...

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth realms) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Logo of the Trademark Bankia Español:...


One of the most read news on the BBC website is WHY SPAIN’S REGIONS OWE SO MUCH MONEY.

According to that article it may seem that the so called regions of Spain are the ones to waste money while the state of Spain was the only one to act in a right way.

Well, I will just put an example and in this case it was the government from Madrid the one who wasted the money.

There is Catalonia a station called Camp de Tarragona. It is one of these places that you hope that never Angela merkel will visit because one has the feeling that if Angela Merkel was there she would immediately want Spain out of the eurozone and even from the EU.

This station is in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I repeat: in the middle of nowhere. High speed trains between Madrid and Barcelona stop there but this station is not inside a city but inside a forest.

This station is very big and it is very beautiful. It is made of black marvel and its ceiling is enormously high.

Each time I visit this station I ask myself: Is Spain so rich to build such an expensive station just inside a forest?

Needless to say that as this station is in the middle of nowhere a lot of people in that part of Catalonia do not use it but the old stations that are inside the cities and where there is no high speed trains.

I understand that when you build a new station you have to try to make it look gorgeous. But that station is too much. It is ostentatious! It is a clear example of the syndrome of the new rich.

Well, this new station was made by the government of Spain. It was not money from the so called regions.

Another thing to add to the BBC article is that Education and Health are transfer to the so called regions so that it is not strange they have problems with money.

And if some regions spent so much money in stupid airports and so was because they had behind political parties that are not regional parties.

It is sad that the BBC does not take into account that to put the problem in the regions is typical of some politicians in Madrid. Besides, why do we have so many regions with their own governments, etc? Just because when the Basque Country, Catalonia and Galizia had its own autonomy then others wanted to have the same.

Instead of talking so much about the regions, as some political party in Madrid wants to, the BBC could try to talk about the connections between Bankia and the current party in power in Spain. One of the cajas merged into Bankia was Caja Madrid. I remember perfectly well that some years ago it was news the fights in Madrid to control Caja Madrid. What I mean is that the cajas were in the hands of the politicians.

The BBC should try to investigate on its own and not just say what some media in Madrid write about. For example, they could say that in Catalonia the civil servants had a cut in their wages while the Spanish goverment does not do the same with Spanish civil servants? Does that not reach the BBC in Madrid?

Does the BBC know that some high speed train lines have to be close because of so few passengers using it?

And to end, does the BBC know that the central government owes to Catalan government almost 1000 millions euros?

In brief, it is normal that in Spain the so called regions have the problem with the money because in Spain the so called regions have to take care of health and education.

In any case, if the so called regions are so bad for the economy of Spain then let Spain only have autonomy for the so called regions that can afford that! Catalonia can afford that. In fact we are doing cuts that some other places do not do while at the same time we are giving more money to other so called regions than we are receiving.

Catalonia cannot receive lessons from central government. We were the first to have cuts as a new government came to Catalonia earlier than in other territories. And if the money we pay to Madrid as taxes came back to Catalonia then we would not be in such a bad situation.

Why is the BBC only giving the view from Madrid where the broken bank  Bankia has its headquarters? Why the BBC does not give the view from Barcelona where not broken bank Caixabank has its headquarters?







Sometimes media in Spain blame the British press of almost wishing the fall of the euro. One of the things that the Spanish press may have missed is that besides wanting or not the collape of the euro in Britain it is usual to be very organised so it is not wonder they try to see what may happen in order to know what to do.

So, I have found a webpage at the BBC that says what may happen if Greece leaves the euro. It says what may happen to Greece but also what may happen to other countries. This is the link: