There is a recent article in the WSJ talking about the possible breakup of Spain. I am surprised by how much information about what is going on here can be read in the international media. I have read the article and it summarises what happens here more or less quite well:



This post is thought for those who want an answer to some of its questions and use Internet for that case. Needless to say that here you will find an answer but needless to say too that the answer may not be the one you would desire.

So should the US support Catalonia independence?

Well, at first, right now, it is obvious that the US just should remain silent. As any other country the US should wait and see …

But let’s imagine that the day comes when the world needs to know what the US has to say. Well, in this case, I imagine that the US just have to see what the EU says.

Once that said is it important to the US an independent Catalonia? Can that be good for the US? Some benefit of it?

It is obvious that if the US supports Catalonia indepence that can bring more little independence states into the European Union. Is htis good for the US? I imagine that this depends in the way this affects the EU.

Wrting this I am realizing how something that can be very important for us in Catalonia it cannot be at all important outside Catalonia or Spain.

As far as I know new states have been born in two ways: after a violent conflict or after an agreement. In the case of Spain and Catalonia it is not possible for me to imagine a violent conflict to take place as we are inside the European Union. Any violent conflict it would mean we go out of the EU at once, I imagine. And an agreement, we have not agreement right yet …


The famous marathon of New York takes place this time the first days of November. I have read that in the city where now Josep Guardiola is living they intend that the independence flag of Catalonia is seen everywhere.

Some days ago I remember one American saying that the Catalan people, if they want to get support for their new state, they should not worry so much why do they want independence and they should ask themselves why should the rest of the world want Catalonia independence?

As Barcelona is quite known in New York and Woody Allen even brought here Scarlett Johansson for a film with Penélope and Bardem I wonder why should New Yorkers would want Catalonia to be independent.

One of the few reasons I could imagine would be if the new state had English as another official language but unfortunately most of my countrymen are not so fond of learning English as I do.

Who knows, maybe is the international community that could suggest that of the English language. I think it would be perfect. Barcelona is quite a nice city and if English was also its official language it would mean that a lot of people from around the world could come to live in Barcelona.

In any case, I just would be happy if New Yorkers just supported us to decide our future. One day the Americans had to fight against the British to get its independence. Now the UK even let’s the Scots to decide its own future. Something like that I want for Barcelona and Catalonia.



The other day an American professor or soemthing was asked how coud Catalonia get independnece? He said that one of the ways to have an independent Catalonia is that the world wants it! Until now it seems that only people in Catalonia want that and not everybody.

So I have thought what could give an independent Catalonia to the world that could make an independent Catalonia to be very welcomed by the planet?

And this is my proposal. Catalonia, if it gets independent it will be a fruit of the European Union. Without the existence of the European Union it is difficult that we would be talking about an independent Catalonia.

So if a possible independent Catalonia is a fruit of the European Union then an independent catalonia must wear a European Union stamps that shines around the planet. And what has being making the European Union all this years: TO BRING STEP BY STEP, LITTLE BY LITTLE, THE FRONTIERS DOWN!


Some centuries ago, cities used to have walls around them. Now they do not have them!


For Catalonia it should not be difficult to do so! All around it the same language is even spoken!

It may seem crazy not to put borders but are there borders between towns? Well, there are of course, but we do not seen them. The same could happen in a new Catalonia.

No borders with our neighbours! If a future Spain and France would want to put borders it would be their problem.

So,if we do not put borders, what are we doing with the new state. Well, we just collect taxes in Barcelona and we send our part to Brussels. Without having to send money to Madrid (at least directly!)


Yesterday I was promenading through a passeig (a street where you walk in the middle and you have two rows of trees) here in Catalonia when I realise that whatever my feelings about the independence or not of Catalonia I was LIVING IN  CATALONIA.

I realized that whatever I was a big enthusiast of a Catalan independence or I was s strong suppporter of Catalonia remaining in Spain or even if I did not care much the status of Catalonia, well, I realized that in whatever circumstance I was living in a very special moment of history for both Catalonia and Spain.

If Catalonia was going to be independent that would mean I was born with Spanish nationality and I was going to change to another nationality. Quite a change that does not happen to everybody! A lot of people live all their live with the same nationality.

So, as I was promenading through the streets here in Catalonia I realized that even if I did not care about what was going on or I cared much something serious was going around.

And I can assure that this brought me a lot of energy because whatever it happened at the end it was obvious that there was going to be a change. In some way I saw all this as Catalonia being born again or as its last defeat. I saw that Catalonia was going to fly so high that it could end quite far awy or it could fall down too. And the fall could be quite hard.

Then as I was walking through the streets here in Catalonia I felt quite proud to be just at this moment in Catalonia. Because it was one of the few times I felt part of history (it happened to me the same the first time I got euros from the ATM) I look around and saw other people and then I realized that a lot of eyes were going to watch us! Spain may be putting us in a bad situation but it was sure that on November 25th a lot of people in Spain will be watching the Catalan results to see how much more independene vote had even increased since September 11th.

But I am not talking just about people in Catalonia dreaming about an independent state. I am talking about other people too. I am thinking about the people in Catalonia that want to remain in Spain. For them I imagine that this moment it must be very important. I am sure they have been thinking the best way according to them to stay in Spain.

So, it is not so much about feeling part of the ones who want indepence or not. It is the sense that we are in a historical moment. Now in Catalonia, I doubt there not a lot of people that are proud to contribute to a new state … or to remain inside Spain.

Let me take, for example, Alicia She is the one behind the Catalan PP. She is the one wanting Catalonia to remain in Spain in any case. For this woman now it must be a very important time for her. Not a boring time! In Catalonia I imagine a lot of people see in her in her Spanish side. But I imagine that outside Catalonia, people from her party, see in her her Catalan side. When Aznar wants a recentralization of Spain and she says publicly that she does not want to I feel that at last we all Catalan are united by defending whatever we can according to our ideas.

Some years ago I remember to have been outside Catalonia with a friend from Catalonia. When we are in Catalonia I seem to be the more Catalan nationalistic and he seems to be quite happy with Spain. Well, when we are in Catalonia we speak Castilian between us. Well, when we were outside Catalonia he asked me that we both spoke Catalan! That made me think that maybe he and I were in fact saying something and feeling otherwise. It never occurred to me to speak Catalan outisde Catalonia with him. But he wanted to show to the people outside Catalonia we were from Catalonia. I did not feel that need. So, who was more nationalistic him or me?

Another thing that I realized it is that this situation in Catalonia coul dunite people because whatever we thought it was obvious that our future was at stake.

We all know from history books what has happened in Catalonia in the last century. We know that Catalonia has alsways wanted more and more power. Anyone living in Catalonia knows that. So now, whatever one wants to remain in Spain or not, we all knew were in a part of Spain that is known all around Spain because some people here want to become independent. What has changed now is that this part now has found a voice in a main party.

Maybe I am not the great supporter of independence other are and in fact I do not know what I would vote in a referendum or consultation but I, as most people in Catalonia, want Catalonia to have its say. And in this sense I feel very proud of people around me! There is not sacred reason whatsoever, I repeat whatsoever, why we should be ruled from the city of Real Madrid and not from the city of FC Barcelona. Is it written on the stars the Barcelona and its surroundings should be ruled for eternity from a city, that even not existed, some centuries ago? The old Imperial Tarraco, the old Barcino should be ruled from a city that was just created some centuries ago? If other people around the peninsula think they should be ruled from a place called Madrid is their problem. I just want to be ruled from Barcelona. And not because I do not feel Spanish or whatever or because I just feel Catalan or whatever. It has nothing to do with that. It is simply because there is something much more important to me that anything: FREEDOM. Let Spain give me the choice to be FREE and vote about me wanting to depend from Barcelona or Madrid and I may have a doubt. But not letting me even express myself it is obvious I would prefer before to depend from Barcelona. Not because I do not like Madrid but because as Brussels will become each day more important I find upsetting to depend from so many places. Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin is too much. With Brussels and Barcelona I think it would be much better.



Some people in the European Union see the conflict between Spain and Catalonia just as an internal Spanish conflict and they do not realise that it is just the existence of the European Union that makes this conflict possible!

The reason why people in Catalonia dare to dream of an independent state is just because outside Spain there is the European Union.

Some centuries ago an independent Catalonia would have meant to fall in the hands of France! Now it is possible to have an independent Catalonia because we all know that if Catalonia leaves Spain, France is not going to invade Catalonia.

My point is that the reason why we see now so much nationalism in Europe is because people realise that Brussels is going to have each day more power so as they see that the least they want is to be dependent of too many places.

So some people in Catalonia may think that it is crazy to depend from Barcelona, from Madrid and from Brussels. It does not seem so crazy just to depend just from Barcelona and Brussels only.

I say that because I feel it is a very big mistake to conside the independence of Scotland, of Catalonia, etc just as internal affairs of the UK or Spain.

It is the importance of the European Union that makes that the independence of these lands can be considered reasonable for so many people in some lands.

So Europe should give an answer to this new developments!

It seems that one of the reasons why Catalonia wants to leave Spain is because during decades we are sending and sending money to Spain. And now we are too suffering the crisis. So it seems that out of Spain we will have just to give money to Europe. But what does it mean? That Spain would become poorer, or that the Germans would pay what the Catalans do not want to pay to their neighbours?

Europe should help Spain and Catalonia to try to find a reasonable solution.

If the European Union just had had a law saying that no part of a state should give so much money that it won’t even have for its own necessities maybe now the situation between Spain and Catalonia won’t be so bad. Now is Spain the one taking the money from Catalonia. If it was Europe the one taking the money we won’t be so angry. I even heard somebody on Catalan tv who favoured Catalan independence the future for Catalonia would be very good because Catalonia would be a net contributor of maney to the european Union! So it seems we are very unhappy because we give money to Spain but we would be extremely happy to be net contributors to Europe …

The existence of Catalonia and Spain is quite related to Europe. Some centuries ago the Muslim world from what is now Morocco entered the Iberian peninsula. So people in the north of the peninsula fought during centuries and finally the peninsula became Christian land. Catalonia was born at that time and then there were marriages with others and all was well more or less until in 1714 it seems that the rights of Catalonia was banned by a Borbon king (the current king is also a Borbon king …)

Some centuries ago differents kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula united against the Muslims that had taken the peninsula. Now we have no more religious wars or at least that is what we are told so now a part of that union, Catalonia, wants to become free again. But in Madrid they do not want as I said.

Europe should solve this. And soon. Because the longer it takes to find a solution the more time we lose here for this instead of other things.

I find this situation unbearable because as madrid and Barcelona do not agree in how to solve the conflict you have to watch each day the news to know what is going on!

It is awful to watch tv or read the newspapers. A war of words is on course.

Any person living in Berlin knows that in five years Berlin people will continue been part of the same state. And the same happens in London, Paris, etc. In Scotland they do not know but as there is an agreement at least they can relax.

But in Catalonia we do not know! What will Spain do to stop Catalonians to decide in a free way to decide their future?