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Spain has very beautilful embassies. At least the one near Hyde Park and the one in Tier garten are quite beautiful. But now I read that Catalan people are having problems to vote in Spanish embassies. This 25th of November we vote in Catalonia. The election is very important because if the Catalan nationalist parties win again this time they have agreed to ask later whether we want to become a new state of the European Union?

So, what is this non-sense that Catalan people are having problems to vote in the Spanish embassies. I cannot believe that to be true! If that was true that would mean that Spanish embassies are not acting as one would expect from a democratic country inside the EU? Is this too an internal affair of Spain that Spanish embassies are putting problems to vote? I thought that a condition to be inside the European Union is to be a democratic country so any behaviour that goes against that I think it should matter in Europe! In anycase, I do not know if its true of flase the accusation! I hope the accusation is false because if it is true, really true, this would be a terrible blow for Spain.


I know my question seems ridiculous and in fact some minutes ago I have made a post telling that the streets of Catalonia are full of Catalan and independence flags.

Now I read in a Catalan newspaper, la Vanguardia, a problem in a community of flats because there was a note telling the neighbours to abstain putting flags in the balconies.

So as Catalonia is full of flags asking for indepence I wonder if Spain may change the law so that the use of flags is banned! I know this seems ridiculous but there are so many things ridiculoous happening nowadays. …

I remember that some months ago I could see Spanish flags when Spain won a the European Football Cup  so I wonder what kind of flags could they ban.

Let’s hope no banning happens but as I am even afraid that the Spanish government could even put on hold the Catalan parliament in the future I am afraid that any crazy thing can happen here. The only reason why I feel a bit relaxed is because we are inisde the European Union this time.


As you may know some of my countrymen in Catalonia have the dream of a new European state. Unfortunately Spain is giving fuel to their desires because the more Spain does not allow a referendum as any democratic and civilised country would do, the more that people in Catalonia want independence. Nobody likes to be part of a forced marriage and let alone if you are the one paying the wedding for eternity.

That said, I feel that what we need is not more states but less states! A Europe full of little independent states could become a nightmare as agreement between so much is going to be quite difficult. Besides if we hava a lot of new states I wonder if it is fair that countries with little population can have so much power as countries with much more weight.

I understand that a lot of people in Catalonia want independence because Catalan public tv just shows how awful is Spain for us. If we were an independent state we would be so wealthy! I may say that sometimes I even feel a bit shame of some of the things that I hear from Catalan politicians. In fact I find a bit of bad taste that you choose the worst moment of Spain to want independence. I imagine this is a kind of historical revenge.

I find a bit funny that some of the people in Catalonia who want independence talk a lot about Europe but they forget to see that Spain is also Europe. And if you do not want to support Spain in such a time I wonder what Europe can expect of nations like Catalonia. How can we build a strong Europe when we are not able to be in good term with our neighbouring lands!

If Catalonia becomes independent it would mean that there would be borders between people speaking the same language. Catalonia is surrounded by lands who speak the same language and that in some parts they call valencià. What I mean is that I find a new state means one more border. I would find better for Europe that, for example, France and Germany become closer or that Portugal and Spain become closer.

Unfortunately because Spain does not even let us decide our future to the Catalan people people in Catalonia have a very strong point in wanting independence. This is a pity because if Spain acted like the UK then in Catalonia one could speak of Spain without a kind of shame.

Europe must tackle the rebirth of nationalism in Europe. There is the danger that the European Union is creating its own end.

There should be a European law that says how much one territory should pay for the rest so that Catalonia payer should pay the same whether Catalonia is independent or not. While this does not happen is very normal that the independence movement is each day greater as it seems that once you are independent you do not pay so much as solidarity!

Another thing that worries me a lot is that while we have the European Union it is not such a problem to have Europe divided in a lot of little states but if Europe collapses then a Europe with so many little countries could be a nightmare.

I find quite worrying that people support Europe so much and at the same time do not want to help people from not so far away.

If Catalonia and Spain became two different states would not be such a tragedy is the European Union serves as a bridge so that we have the same currency, etc. But what would happen if the UE falls apart? That would mean that Europe at the end has more borders than before the birth of the European Union.

In the followng months we are going to see the birth of some new state in Europe I think. I must admit that a rebirth of La Sereníssima seems to me quite romantic. Venice as the capital of a new Republic seems quite suggesting but I would only like that if this new republic does not make poorer the rest of what now is Italy.

We must act quickly! I don’t have no problem with an independent Catalonia but if this happens I would feel force to help Spain if I see that an independent Catalonia means a poorer Spain. I don’t like the feeling of independence to leave the poorer parts of Europe to its own devices. But as Spain seems to force us Catalan people to be married to Spain for eternity I must admit that I understnad pretty well people in Catalonia wanting independence. I am quite saddened by Madrid and Barcelona.

I am quite sad with politicians in Spain in Catalonia. Politicians in Madrid do not seem to realize that they seem bad people if they pretend Catalonia to be part of Spain just by stopping us to vote! On the other hand I have the feeling that Catalonia is acting a bit with a bit of bad taste. Just in the worst time for Spain Catalonia wants to leave Spain. But I imagine this is always what happens.


I wonder what will happen in Catalonia would become independent. I imagine that people living in Catalonia would become Catalonians with a Catalan passport. So the people in Catalonia who only feel Catalan would have their passport and people from Muslim countries, for example, would have two passports. But what would happen with people who live in Catalonia and are related to what become Spain without Catalonia? Would they get two passports?

I imagine this must be done by an agreement between the Spain and Catalonia of the future. I wonder what happens in Scotland. A person who has been born in London but lives in Scotland how many passports would have if Scotland becomes independent?

Those people in Catalonia who hate Spain it is obvious that do not care about this but I would like to have both passports! Because I do not want to feel as a foreigner when I am in Catalonia or Spain.

It is a pity that Catalonia and Spain are at odds currently because this kind of practical issues should be on the agenda. But for now the only think in the agenda is we will do that and we won’t let you do that.

According to some Catalan media and also some people from Madrid and even the CNN if Catalonia becomes independent the economy of Spain would suffer a lot. So if Catalonia become independent would I feel comfortable living in Catalonia while I see the situation in Spain deteriorating?

I do not know what may happen but I am sure that since September 11th 2012 Spain and Catalonia will never be the same again.

According to Catalan tv it seems that in Madrid are deaf and they do not listen to Barcelona. In Madrid it is Barcelona the one to blame. I am so fed up of all this. It seems that Spain and Catalonia will need economical assistance and even political assistance.


Some people in the European Union see the conflict between Spain and Catalonia just as an internal Spanish conflict and they do not realise that it is just the existence of the European Union that makes this conflict possible!

The reason why people in Catalonia dare to dream of an independent state is just because outside Spain there is the European Union.

Some centuries ago an independent Catalonia would have meant to fall in the hands of France! Now it is possible to have an independent Catalonia because we all know that if Catalonia leaves Spain, France is not going to invade Catalonia.

My point is that the reason why we see now so much nationalism in Europe is because people realise that Brussels is going to have each day more power so as they see that the least they want is to be dependent of too many places.

So some people in Catalonia may think that it is crazy to depend from Barcelona, from Madrid and from Brussels. It does not seem so crazy just to depend just from Barcelona and Brussels only.

I say that because I feel it is a very big mistake to conside the independence of Scotland, of Catalonia, etc just as internal affairs of the UK or Spain.

It is the importance of the European Union that makes that the independence of these lands can be considered reasonable for so many people in some lands.

So Europe should give an answer to this new developments!

It seems that one of the reasons why Catalonia wants to leave Spain is because during decades we are sending and sending money to Spain. And now we are too suffering the crisis. So it seems that out of Spain we will have just to give money to Europe. But what does it mean? That Spain would become poorer, or that the Germans would pay what the Catalans do not want to pay to their neighbours?

Europe should help Spain and Catalonia to try to find a reasonable solution.

If the European Union just had had a law saying that no part of a state should give so much money that it won’t even have for its own necessities maybe now the situation between Spain and Catalonia won’t be so bad. Now is Spain the one taking the money from Catalonia. If it was Europe the one taking the money we won’t be so angry. I even heard somebody on Catalan tv who favoured Catalan independence the future for Catalonia would be very good because Catalonia would be a net contributor of maney to the european Union! So it seems we are very unhappy because we give money to Spain but we would be extremely happy to be net contributors to Europe …

The existence of Catalonia and Spain is quite related to Europe. Some centuries ago the Muslim world from what is now Morocco entered the Iberian peninsula. So people in the north of the peninsula fought during centuries and finally the peninsula became Christian land. Catalonia was born at that time and then there were marriages with others and all was well more or less until in 1714 it seems that the rights of Catalonia was banned by a Borbon king (the current king is also a Borbon king …)

Some centuries ago differents kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula united against the Muslims that had taken the peninsula. Now we have no more religious wars or at least that is what we are told so now a part of that union, Catalonia, wants to become free again. But in Madrid they do not want as I said.

Europe should solve this. And soon. Because the longer it takes to find a solution the more time we lose here for this instead of other things.

I find this situation unbearable because as madrid and Barcelona do not agree in how to solve the conflict you have to watch each day the news to know what is going on!

It is awful to watch tv or read the newspapers. A war of words is on course.

Any person living in Berlin knows that in five years Berlin people will continue been part of the same state. And the same happens in London, Paris, etc. In Scotland they do not know but as there is an agreement at least they can relax.

But in Catalonia we do not know! What will Spain do to stop Catalonians to decide in a free way to decide their future?



Some hours ago I asked for help to Europe to solve the conflict between Spain and Catalonia. While I wait for that help today I have read that some kind of Spanish general has reminded everyone how a Catalan president ended some decades ago. Well, the dictator Franco killed him.

So you see. Threats are coming from Spain.

As Spain is now in the European Union and in Nato it is difficult to imagine this general and people like him taking power in Spain in an forced way but who knows.

When a military in Spain reminds us what happens to a Catalan president some decades ago he is threatening the Catalan people to do the same with their president if we in Catalonia decide to be free at least from people like this man.

The other day a person on a train said. What a situation we are. Now it seems as if you onlu could be a fascist or a independentist in Catalonia! It is of course an exaggeration but the climate is quite hard now in Catalonia.

Some people in Scotland maybe worried if they will continue inside the UK or not but they can be comforted that whatever it happens Scotland and the United Kingdom are giving an imge of a very advanced socitey where the things are solved in a peaceful way.

On the contrary in Spain and in Catalonia we have at least three worries:


Will we survive this terrible crisis without bringing the eurozne to collapse? I think the answer is positive because Germany is showing to the world that if once it was the face of the devil now it is at the heart of European peace and stability. We are so used to Germany doing this this last decades that maybe we forget that this could not be the case.


I envy those people who know that it is quite possible that they will die in the same state that they were born. This is not the case in Catalonia. We may change from being part of a Spanish State to being part of a Catalan State. This is wonderful for some but unfortunately I see advantages and also disadvantges. Would I be able to have a passport from Catalonia and also another from Spain as that would be my wish?


This is maybe the most terrible thing. Spain politicians and Catalan government are not able to agrre on how to solve the new panorama that has come to this part of Europe. In fact not only a solution is not been found but the opposite. Spain is acting in a way that won’t bring independence feeling down but just the opposite. Threats and fears seem to be the only thing coming from Madrid. Meanwhile from Barcelona there are different answers. This reminds me unhappily of old times when Catalonia was a source of different solutions while some Spain had just one solution.

But who has the key to solve all this?

As anybody know Spain once upon a time had a lot of lands. Most of these lands now are independent countries. But all these lands were out of the Iberian peninsula. I think it is quite hard for Spain to accept that Catalonia can leave Spain. I understand people that want Catalonia to be part of Spain because when you are in Madrid you even would wish that Portugal was part of a joint venture with Spain. But it has nonsense Catalonia to be part of Spain if most people in Catalonia do not want. It would be quite weird this to happen to say the least.

So I ask again help to Europe.


It is quite disappointing what is going on with Catalan TV and Spanish public TV. Some years ago in the Catalan TV we used to have programs for summer. Now we do not have these programs. They just put old series or they just just the content of another channel. And on Spanish TV they are putting old content from last year in a program that has been running for 15 years.

I wonder if this happens also in other countries like the UK. Is the BBC just repeating its old series?

It is quite shocking to have the sense, for the first time in my life, that the next decade or more is going to be worse than the last one.

I even cannot believe that I still can use Internet, have a computer and write this. Will Internet and the computers and the smartphones be also a part of old glorious times? I imagine not. or yes. There have been wealthy people even in the poorer countries on planet. So Spain may become one of them too.


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This is post written on May 30th 2012. It is not thought for general reading although anyone can read it. It is thought to be read in some months or years by the one who wrote it.

So, this is for myself but in a future time. So let me explain how I felat how I was feeling as I was writing this!:

Well, it was quite late at night and I could not sleep. Some days ago we knew that a bank called BANKIA would nead about 19000 millions of euros. At the same time the yield of the Spanish bonds was close to 7 per cent. The editorial of Le Monde was telling Mariano Rajoy to ask for help to Europe and not be so proud and so quixotesc. Meanwhile the Catalan politicians were worried, like always, in internal problems, in this case a fiscal pact, with Spain. The Financial Times as usual was not bringing good news to Spain and said that the ECB could not help Bankia in the way Spanish government had mentioned. So the news were terrible. You were quite anxious. it was the first time in your life in decades that Spain was in such a bad situation. And in this case it was Spain and the euro so it was not just Spain. To go to sleep in such a situation was crazy. Few times had you been so nervous. But you were tired so you ended this post and you went to bed to try to sllep. The rest you should know now … In any case, rember that if the situation when you read this is much worse than when I read that if you are reading this it may mean you are not so bad as you may think! Good Night, and Good Luck,