In the last post I said that I agreed Mariano Rajoy going to Poland to see a football match but I forgot to say that in any case that I would have stayed in Spain. It is the way I am. I cannot go to see a football match knowing that tomorrow the markets will judge me!

I say that because I think that the football match of today could be the last fiesta, LA ÚLTIMA FIESTA, for Mariano Rajoy.

Although I understand he going to Poland for respect for Poland I think he should have thought more about respect for Spain! I am sure the Polish would understand that he was not in the match! After all the Prince will be there.

Imagine that tomorrow the premium risk increases again so that Spain has problems to sell its bonds in international markets. If this happens THE WORLD WON’T FORGET THAT SPANISH PRESIDENT WAS WATCHING A FOOTBALL MATCH TODAY!

What I mean is that this match could mean the end of Mariano Rajoy!

it is true that remaining in Spain could also send a message that we are too worried but I think it is better to show an image htat we are worried that we are not worried!

I hope Spanish CHULERIA does not bring Spain to a point of no return. I do not like the CHULERIA that Mariano Rajoy has shown today in his press conference. It has been pathetic when he has said that he did not receive any pressure. He even has laughed and has said that he was the one who had put pressure (WHAT A SHAME, MY GOD! I FEEL SO ASHAMED OF THIS PART OF HIS NARRATIVE!)

The truth is that if I can go to sleep each night and sleep a little bit is not because of him but because I know that Angela has an open eye to what he does.

So, I hope Mariano Rajoy enjoys himself a lot in Poland because this could be his last fiesta. If next week the yields of Spanish bonds soar he will pass to history as the most stupid president that Spain has ever had in centuries!

With him going to Poland he is sending the image as if we could relax after a lot of work. When in fact it is now that we have to start to work!!

In any case if Rajoy falls and Spain gets intervened I would be sad to be intervened but I prefer European intervention that being ruled by Spanish chulescos.



There is a video on The Guardian where you can listen to the following phrase.

“so with the likes of Iniesta,

will it be another fiesta

or back to the siesta?”

It is amazing because it is a phrase made in English but using two Castilian famous words and the surname of Andrés Iniesta.

Here is the website with the video of James Richardson:



In Barcelona Good Friday (Divendres Sant in Catalan and Viernes Santo in Castilian) is a holiday and has been a holiday for as long as I remember. Today I hear that Viernes Santo will be also a holiday in Cuba. Christmas and Easter are so important in Barcelona that even if you are not a religious person thesed ates are important because they are the ones that you can related to your childhood holidays, etc. So I wonder if in Cuba old people had also that feeling. I just wonder how they will feel this Friday. I am not just talking about the religious significance but about the fact by declaring Good Friday a holiday the Cubans in some way are just rejoining the other people of the world who share the same background.

Who knows, maybe the weird thing is that maybe  the people in Cuba are more religious than in other places and that the fact that did not celebrate Good Friday and we did celebrate it does not mean anything.

Anyway, I just have a nice feeling that in Cuba they are having the same celebration that we have in other places. It is as if we are together again! And I am not thinking about the religious significance but about the fact that we share, for right or wrong, the same historical tradition.