José María Aznar at the Azores with other worl...

José María Aznar at the Azores with other world leaders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These last days I have the feeling as if Spain was still not free. As if it was still in the hands of some who have hijacked it for decades.

I have the feeling Spain is hijacked. I imagine that some people in Spain may see Catalonia as hijacked by some nationalists? Dont’ they realise that Spain has also being hijacked?


I have the feeling as if both parts have been hijacked. Unfortunately we use to hear the voices of those who shout loud.

Those that have hijacked us have hijacked us so much that I even that the feeling that those who do not agree with the view of the hijackers feel almost ashamed.

We have reach such an scenario where we seem only to see a Spain where the autonomous communities almost seem a nuisance to  erase or then just the opposite: the creation of another state for Catalonia.

We are again in a black and white atmosphere. We are again in confrontation. Like kids we can relax because we now are inside the European Union. But what image are we given?

Mariano Rajoy and Artur Mas should find an agreement. But each one of them is a wall. Some will go with Rajoy. Other will go with Artur mas. I only know that if I have a passport from another place, for example, a British one, I would not care about what happens here because I am fed up of this conflict between Madrid and Barcelona. I feel ashamed. I feel also quite ashamed to feel as in a sadomasochistic circus where a sir called José María Aznar, with a look which reminds me of a horrible Austrian man, speaks in a way and with a tone that I have the feeling not only to be hated but to want to me remaining in Spain so as to continue to hate and humilate me. It is horrible. Spanish peeople should not allow that people like that man speak for Spain. A beautiful land like Spain do not deserve to have such a prominence in voices with such a terrible look like the man of the Azores. What a nightmare. Spain, wake up! Your enemy is not an independnet Catalonia but being hijacked again by those who hijacked you in 1936 and imposoe you even the current king.