The famous marathon of New York takes place this time the first days of November. I have read that in the city where now Josep Guardiola is living they intend that the independence flag of Catalonia is seen everywhere.

Some days ago I remember one American saying that the Catalan people, if they want to get support for their new state, they should not worry so much why do they want independence and they should ask themselves why should the rest of the world want Catalonia independence?

As Barcelona is quite known in New York and Woody Allen even brought here Scarlett Johansson for a film with Penélope and Bardem I wonder why should New Yorkers would want Catalonia to be independent.

One of the few reasons I could imagine would be if the new state had English as another official language but unfortunately most of my countrymen are not so fond of learning English as I do.

Who knows, maybe is the international community that could suggest that of the English language. I think it would be perfect. Barcelona is quite a nice city and if English was also its official language it would mean that a lot of people from around the world could come to live in Barcelona.

In any case, I just would be happy if New Yorkers just supported us to decide our future. One day the Americans had to fight against the British to get its independence. Now the UK even let’s the Scots to decide its own future. Something like that I want for Barcelona and Catalonia.




I have no idea if Josep Guardiola is interested in politics but I wonder if he may become a politician in 10 or 20 years’ time. He is treated by Catalan media in a way that I think he would have it very easy to win anything he wishes.


These last hours it is news the dancing of two Barça players, Thiago and Dani Alves. Well, in fact the news is too that Carles Puyol did not like the dancing and put an end to it. Later, Guardiola, the coach, apologise for the dancing.

Some may see the behaviour of Thiago and Alves in a different way but the good thing about all that happened is that make us think about our emotions and the way we can handle our emotions and at the same time not to offend. On the other hand I am not so sure Carles Puyol was totally right and Thiago and Alves were totally wrong. Who says it is good to hide the emotions? What would be football without emotions?




Manager Josep Guardiola


Les coses s’estan posant molt malament econòmicament parlant a la zona euro i havia pensat que potser en Guardiola podria ajudar a portar confiança a l’euro. Que l’entrenador de l’equip que va guanyar la darrera Champios europea fes un defensa aferissada de l’euro em sembla que no estaria malament.

Tic por que ens enfonsem. És molt fort perquè sembla que ara el deute sobirà espanyol i italià han baixat d’esgraó segons l’escala de l’agència Fitch. Això em fa pensar que pot haver-hi inversors que comencin a malfiar-se dels bons espanyols. L’única solució que veig és que la gent de l’estat espanyol confíem en nosaltres mateixos! Si nosaltres mostrem al món que no confíem en el nostre futur difícilment des de l’exterior ens voldran comprar bons. Estem en un moment delicadíssim i Catalunya té un paper molt important a fer. Qui sap, però potser d’aquí uns dies Catalunya tingui la clau de la supervivència de l’euro. És necessari que el deute espanyol no s’enfonsi si no volem que les properes generacions d’europeus visquin en una Europa superafeblida. Catalunya és l’economia més forta de l’Estat espanyol. El món ens està mirant! ës necessari que des de Catalunya s’enviï un missatge al món que els catalans confiem en el deute sobirà espanyol. Si no fem això ens estem enviant cap a l’abisme. Difícilement Catalunya podria ser un bon loc per viure si Europa es trenca. Em sembla que és moment d’aparcar els problemes que tenim amb Espanya i mostrem al món que nosaltres estem a l’alçada de les circumstàncies del moment. Seria nefast que el nacionalisme català passi a l’història com aquell que va deixar enfonsar Europa.

La gent de Catalunya que creigui en Espanya crec que ha fer tot el possible per donar suport a la credibilitat d’Espanya. I la gent de Catalunya que no creu en Espanya hauria d’adonar-se que sempre serà més fàcil independitzar-se d’Espanya per haver salvat Espanya, Europa i el món d’una recessió que per haver fet tot el contrari.

Si volem poder continuar comprant flors per la Verge de Montserrat és necessari que el món no entri en una recessió potser pitjor de la del 1929 i amb Europa enfonsada. Catalunya pot passar a la història per haver salvat Europa. O Catalunya pot passsar a l’història per haver volgut fer mal a Espanya fot fent-se mal a ella mateixa, a tot Europa i a tot el món i futures generacions.


In some days we will see Barça at the frontpage of Newsweek. There is a photo of FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola.

Not only Barça in in Newsweek. These days, in the middle of the magazine one could find a photo from Plaça Catalunya where one could see the way the Catalan police using force against protesters, some with blood in their hands.

Here is a link to a post about BARCA VS BARÇA: https://trenhoteleuropa.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/barca-vs-barca/


Pep Guardiola

The secret of Barça finally revealed by Josep Guardiola

I have always thought that the reasons why Barça has been so successful is because of his Argentinian player, Lionel Messi.

But it seems that this may not be the case. It is  desire that makes you champion of Europe. Or at least this is what today has said the coach of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola.

So, I imagine that we finally know why Barça has won so many titles these last seasons: bcause of their desire to win them!

Well, I hope that the desire to be in Wembley also makes the FC BARCELONA to arive on time for the final at Wembley.

Anyway, I am sorry that Guardiola has revealed this secret to its opponents in the fields. Now even the Manchester United knows that they just need the desire to become winners.