José María Aznar at the Azores with other worl...

José María Aznar at the Azores with other world leaders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These last days I have the feeling as if Spain was still not free. As if it was still in the hands of some who have hijacked it for decades.

I have the feeling Spain is hijacked. I imagine that some people in Spain may see Catalonia as hijacked by some nationalists? Dont’ they realise that Spain has also being hijacked?


I have the feeling as if both parts have been hijacked. Unfortunately we use to hear the voices of those who shout loud.

Those that have hijacked us have hijacked us so much that I even that the feeling that those who do not agree with the view of the hijackers feel almost ashamed.

We have reach such an scenario where we seem only to see a Spain where the autonomous communities almost seem a nuisance to  erase or then just the opposite: the creation of another state for Catalonia.

We are again in a black and white atmosphere. We are again in confrontation. Like kids we can relax because we now are inside the European Union. But what image are we given?

Mariano Rajoy and Artur Mas should find an agreement. But each one of them is a wall. Some will go with Rajoy. Other will go with Artur mas. I only know that if I have a passport from another place, for example, a British one, I would not care about what happens here because I am fed up of this conflict between Madrid and Barcelona. I feel ashamed. I feel also quite ashamed to feel as in a sadomasochistic circus where a sir called José María Aznar, with a look which reminds me of a horrible Austrian man, speaks in a way and with a tone that I have the feeling not only to be hated but to want to me remaining in Spain so as to continue to hate and humilate me. It is horrible. Spanish peeople should not allow that people like that man speak for Spain. A beautiful land like Spain do not deserve to have such a prominence in voices with such a terrible look like the man of the Azores. What a nightmare. Spain, wake up! Your enemy is not an independnet Catalonia but being hijacked again by those who hijacked you in 1936 and imposoe you even the current king.



Congratulations to the winner of Men’s Marathon in the London Olympic Games 2012.

Some months ago the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy said that Spain was not Uganda. Now people in Uganda can say that Uganda is not Spain. In fact even the first European to end the Marathon has done that in the ninth position. Congratulations so to Uganda. Congratulations to Stephen Kiprotich!


Today Spain is again news around the world. The image of the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy will be seen around tv channels worldwide.

Not only is today Spain news around the world, it is also a dramatic day for Spain because at last the government has decided to comply with the “suggestions” coming from Europe: to increase VAT and to cut civil servant wages. As in Catalonia the civil servants already suffered a cut some months ago I wonder what happens in Spain. In Catalonia there were protests but now people seem to be a bit silent. In Spain there are places where the civil servants have a lot of power so I wonder what they will do. Their Christmas wage will be denied it seems.

People from abroad may imagine that we are in a terrible situation here. Well,  I am sure that there is a lot of suffering in some homes in Spain. But when you have almost 25 per cent people without job (the worst in the EU!) this also means that 75 per cent have a job so that the shops and roads are full of these people.

I do not know what will happen in the future in Spain but sometimes I have the feeling that we will have to have 51 per cent of jobless people in order to start changing things with conviction.

Let me end by hoping that Europe does something so that in Spain we have not so many people without a job. Redistribution of the little wealth remaining in Spain is going to be quite hard but I think that Europe should oblige Spain to a redistribution of wealth and jobs. No democratic countries are not allowed in the EU. Countries with so many jobless people should not be allowed either. Europe should oblige Spain to distribute the jobs between the people. It is obvious that the people with a good situation is Spain won’t want that but Europe should make clear to this people that if Spain does not redistribute the jobs market then Europe should not help Spain in anyway.

And about the cuts I imagine I just would see how much money I have and I would act accordingly!



At first when I heard that Italy and Spain were blocking an agreement inside the EU tonight I felt quite excited and almost happy! Wow! To be a part of a state that has the guts to go against Germany, I thought! I imagine that some British may feel in a similar way when David Cameron voetoes some European agreement even if this means more isolation for the UK.

So at first I felt like proud of Italy and Spain not acting as slaves of Angela Merkel.

But then, I say to me … let’s think over it? What is going on here?

And then I realise that in fact I am with Angela Merkel and that what Mariano Rajoy is doing is almost blackmail!

In Catalonia, in the name of solidarity, we have been sending a lot of money to the rest of Spain for decades. There is nothing wrong about solidarity but it is a bit difficult to have huge cuts in health and education in Catalonia when you know that at the same time you are giving your money away.

So now I have the feeling that Spain not only wants Catalonia to pay the fiesta but also Germany! Spain wants money from Europe without conditions! That’s unacceptable.

I know very well the waste of money in Spain in acting like the new rich and having kilometers and kilometers high speed trains. More than in Germany. How on earth should Germany be responsible for the money lent to Spain when Spain does not increase VAT or cuts wages to civil servants. In Catalonia the Catalan government cut civil servant wages.

So, in some way I feel ashamed that Spain is blocking an agreement in Brussels. If Spain wants help from Europe the first that has to do is to help itself! (cut wages, increase VAT!)

So bravo for Angela Merkel. You are totally right to put conditions to Spain if you are lending money to Spain. As I am fed up of Catalonia paying the fiesta I do not want Germany to be a victim of Spain too.

Who knows, maybe Mariano Rajoy wants Germany to pay the bill because it knows that if Germany pays the bill then in Catalonia we will have to pay the bill. Because politicians in madrid will tell to Catalonia: how you dare not to pay to Spain as usual when even Germany is paying Spanish bill!

So Angela Merkel must be careful. Spain may try German to show solidarity in order to oblige Catalnia to show solidarity too. Without any conditions.


The day that Spain cuts wages to its civil servants or increases VAT then I would be the first to ask Angela to show solidarity.  Meanwhile I feel ashamed that Spain is asking for money without accepting conditions for that! This is not a way to bring credibility to Spain!


Augustus of Prima Porta, statue of the emperor...

Augustus of Prima Porta, statue of the emperor Augustus in Museo Chiaramonti, Vatican, Rome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in amazing incredible times. Some days ago the vote in greece could have changed the course of the euro.

Today there is an incredible very important meeting in Rome. In Rome. Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire and the birth place of the current European project.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain are the more powerful economies of the eurozone.

Today Holland, Monti, Rajoy and Merkel will decide what to do with the euro. Three men and a woman. Three men who speak Latin languages and a woman speaking a Germanic language.

It is incredible. Two thousand years ago Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire. Hispania and Galia were part of the Roman empire. Germany was the land of the barbarians. Now 2000 years later Germany is not the land of the Barbarians but of the most economocally successful country in the EU!

So, if you have told people two thousand years ago that 2000 years later the power had shifted to the once Barbarians they could not believe that!

But in some way, things have changed and have not changed! There are still two sides! The Latin side and the Germanic side!

As they are three and she is just one one could imagine that they should be the ones to win if there is a choice of two options. Germany is very powerful but the GDP of ancient Roman empire lands (France, Italy and  Spain) is bigger than just the GDP of Germany.

So what will happen? Of the four people in the meeting Mariano Rajoy seems to me the tallest one. The smallest GDP country of the four having the tallest man.

I try to imagine the way the four can feel between them. And I am sorry to say I do not see good feelings between Hollande and Merkel. I only see Monti and Rajoy as men who may have something in common.

I wonder where they meet in Rome.




Imagine people from around Europe coming to Spain with its own factories, school teachers, etc.

Spain now has a lot of very cheap flats and houses. I think about 800000 houses or flats.

So, people from around Europe could live in Spain and feeling like at home. You only need to create the conditions to create communities.

So imagine people coming form Germany. They would come with their own jobs from Germany. And even from their own teachers. By doing that they would create a kind of German community. The same could be done with people from France, Italy, UK, etc.

As Spain is full of jobless people these people would come with their own jobs. Instead of working in cloudy and cold Europe they would be working in the sunny side of Europe. I am thinking about communities of about 100 people each, for example.

So, Spain could become quite an interesting place, not just for its current weather, beaches and art, but because it could become a Little Europe! A kind of Little Eurozone.

This would help selling the houses in Spain, people from Germany, etc would be able to live in Spain having their own cheap house and at the same time feeling like at home because they would come to a German community in Spain. And once in Spain, the German who wants to be with Germans all the time would be with Germans but the one who would like to know other people maybe would find a flat in a city with other people from Spain or other new communities!

If Europe is going to bailout Spain then maybe it would be a good idea that Europe feels that is helping not just Spanish people but any European living in Spain. This would help to make transfers of money between European countries more acceptable!

The German paying taxes to a bailout of Spain would be also bailing out a country with German communities!

The Mediterranean coast could be full of French, Italian, German, British etc citizens living here! The houses are so cheap! I am sure that some jobs that are made in Germany, etc, could be transferred to Spain.


the logo of syriza

the logo of syriza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If most Greek people vote for Syriza I congratulate them because this means that they are very strong people. Not only they have had to endure  the current conditions of the bailout. They are even been brave enough to want to endure to live for a decades in a country who would be a king of European Cuba: the most free and independent country of Europe but without anything left to eat or to drink except for the few tourist that dare to go there.

So if Greece choose to be a kind of Cuba of Europe we should totally respect their decision and let them live as they like while we at the same time can finally start putting order in the rest of the eurozone.

I hope Greece votes to parties that are serious so that they comply with the conditions of the bailout. But if this does not happen the rest of the eurozone must go on. We will be still 16 countries with the same currency. It is obvious that we are going to suffer a lot if Greece leaves the euro but the sooner Greece leaves the euro (or accepts the rules, I hope!) the sooner the eurozone will be able to try to recover.

It is time that the eurozone becomes a serious place. If Greece leaves is not good news but it will make that the rest are more serious because they will know they will have to leave the euro too if they not comply!

I am afraid that maybe Spain will have to leave the euro quite soon if we continue like now! Europe and IMF is telling Spain to cut wages like in Greece and to increase VAT. And Spain is not doing that. How can foreign investors buy Spanish bonds when Spain does not accept cuts and increase of revenue? How we will pay back?

I am very afraid that if Syriza wins people are going to be very furious in Greece because they will see that Greece has to leave the euro and that Spain in fact did not get a bargain from Europe! It just had a fool president who them by making them believe that Spain was receiving a bargain. I feel quite sorry for that. It is quite sad that Spanish president misleads its own citizens. But it is also quite sad when he can mislead our friends from Greece. He has acted as if Spain should not comply with any conditions. I hope one day Greece can forgive us for that. I am afraid that Greece is going to be out of the euro because a Spanish president mislead Europe. Who knows, maybe all was orchestrated! Maybe the truth is that Angela merkel wants Greece out of the euro so she wanted Spain not to have conditions for the bailout so that the Greek were angry and voted for Syriza. So that then Europe could get rid of Greece. Could this the real truth behind the foolish behaviour of Mariano Rajoy? Could it be that he has acted as the greatest clown of Europe this days just to put Greece out of the euro?


Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy, the man who could be behind the victory of Syriza and the following collapse of the euro …

One of the reasons why Syriza wants to renegotiate the bailout is because the president of Spain is such a bad European politician that he showed the bailout of Spanish banks as if Europe was giving Spain a gift of free money.
Syriza says that if Spain got a good bailout then Greece should get a goodone too!
This won’t be happening if Mariano Rajoy had not acted in such a fool way. He should have said: “Spaniards. Today is a sad day for Spain but it could have been worse. Spain has needed to ask for a bailout for its banks. Fortunately the bailout is just for the banks for now but it is very necessary we continue working very hard so that we do not need a full bailout as Greece. As we still can get money from the international markets we have not needed a full bailout like unfortunately our friends from Greece needed but we will have to implement hard measures so that we do not end having a full bailout”

The president of Spain has mislead people in Greece! With his stupid way of acting some people may believe that Spain has been treated in a very special way when in fact it is just a question of days that Spain heads to a full bailout! Spain nneds to cut wages and increase VAT. If not we will end like Greece.

But Mariano Rajoy has acted as if Spain can survive without hard conditions applied! He is lying to the Spanish people! And unfortunately he has sent a wrong message to our friends in Greece!

So thanks to Mariano Rajoy irresponsible words it is possible that Syriza wins. If that happens it is obvious that Spain will be totally intervened in the following days!

So Mariano Rajoy will have harmed the European project of a single currency.

Oh my God I do not know what is worse. To be ruled harshly from the IMF and Brussels or be ruled by such an irresponsible president. Not to mention having a king that hunts an elephants and a head of judges that use to go on holidays on weekends with public money.

I do not know, but I have the feeling I would sleep better if German was the language spoken by the people who rule Spain. Quite sad to say, but it is the way I feel.


One of the best things that has happened to mainland Europe is to have nearby a country where people can have a critical view of what is going on in Europe. So even if we like or not what they say, I am afraid that Nigel Farage is not totally wrong! At least agree with him when he says that Mariano Rajoy is the most incompetent leader in Europe. But you don’t have to be a eurosceptic to see that! This is too obvious for a lot of people in Spain!

In any case as I love the English language I love the way Nigel Farage speaks. It sounds very well.


These lasts weeks the European Union is telling Spain to cut wages to its civil servants and increase VAT too. Now the IMF has said the same and it has said YA YA YA! But the president of Spain has answered NO, NO, NO!

I feel very very ashamed of the raction of the Spanish government BECAUSE IT GOES AGAINST THE GENERAL INTEREST OF SPAIN AND EUROPE.

Mariano Rajoy is given the wrong image of Spain. The image that Spain must send now to the world is that we do not need Europe or the IMF to tell us what to do because we are responsible. But we are doing the opposite! Europe and the IMF are telling publicly to Spain what I am sure they have been telling Spain privately for a long time.

So instead of showing to the world that WE ARE THE FIRST TO WANT TO BE ABLE TO PAY OUR DEBTS the impression is that WE WON’T DO ANYMORE CUT UNLESS YOU OBLIGE US. This is a horrible message to give!

If I was a foreign investor it is obvious I would not have trust in this Spanish government!

In Catalonia we have fortunately a government that is the first to give example to the world.

And in any case, if Spain does not cut now wages and does not increase VAT it should at least speak loud and SAY WHY NOT!

Spain is acting in a very childish way! It is not possible that the Spanish government uses foreign advices as the enemy. It is as if Spanish government is waiting and waiting so that at the end it will cut wages and increase VAT but then it will say: WE DID THAT BECAUSE THE OUTSIDE WORLD FORCE US! In fact we should do that because we need money to pay our debts so that people only will lend us money if they see we are responsible!

So instead of being pedagogical and tell Spaniards that we have been spending too much and that now we have to cut so that we have a future Mariano Rajoy is just acting as the classical and typical Spanish politician. Has he not learnt the lesson from Zapatero?

If Europe is telling you to cut wages and increase VAT you must tell to your people clearly why you are not doing that! WHY SPAIN IS NOT FOLLOWING THE ADVICE OF EUROPE? If we are more wise than Angela merkel and company I would be happy to know why! If for Spain the best is not to cut wages and not to increase VAT I want my government to convince me! But the only thing I see is that they are giving the image that Spain only cuts IF FORCED. And this is the worst image of Spain that you can give becuae then the investors realise that we are not ruled by serious politicians!